People’s attitudes towards marijuana have shifted, citing different opinions from the public, but most views have accorded with the current trends in the United States. More and more Americans are showing how their marijuana views have shifted over time, favoring their focus on the country’s overall drug policy. Nonetheless, here are fun facts about the drug that users and more so non-users do not know about.

 1. Experts from various organizations have been conducting studies about the drug, especially concerning its health benefits. Research after research shows that marijuana is less harmful than the effects of tobacco and alcohol.

 2. The personal use of marijuana has been legal in Alaska way back 1975, and is still legal until today.

 3. There is a compound derived from marijuana that is very powerful in forcing cancer cells to halt and prevent the cells from spreading.

 4. In some cases by Judaism, medicinal marijuana is considered as “Kosher”.

 5. In North Korea, marijuana cultivation and use are legal. In fact, they do not consider or classify marijuana as a drug.

 6. In 2013, Uruguay became the very first country worldwide to acknowledge and legalize marijuana. Growing, selling, and consuming marijuana is all legal in the country since then.

 7. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado outnumber the famous Starbucks chain. When it comes to location, medical marijuana dispensaries in the state outnumber Starbucks, 3 to 1.

 8. Presidential pot has also been regarded as former US presidents like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have grown cannabis and had their own hemp farms, praising and producing hemp throughout their lives. 

 9. Many people also regard “Patriotic Pot”, which is considered the growing of cannabis as patriotic. In 1916, the law required 13 colonies to grow cannabis, but the hemp was used in manufacturing fabric, ship sails, and paper. In fact, the term “canvas” was derived from “cannabis”!

 10. Many health experts believe that marijuana can stimulate dopamine production in the human body. Dopamine is a powerful promoter of neurogenesis. Marijuana stimulates the production of chemicals within the brain, which make people feel good, while helping in the production of new brain cells as the same time.

 11. Did you know that marijuana and beer are cousins? Yes! Beer’s hops are in the same flowering plant family of marijuana.

 12. There are more than 200 terms associated to marijuana, including nicknames as pot, weed, grass, hash, and Ganja.

Some people may find this information fun, while others stay skeptical. Nonetheless, different groups, especially the backers continually support ongoing studies about the plant, specifically its medical and health benefits.