Northsight Capital, Inc. is a company that develops and operates online marijuana-related websites incorporating many different aspects of the cannabis industry. The company intends to offer its followers with a way to stay informed on the most cutting edge marijuana-related developments and legislation. Its most dynamic concept is WeedDepot which offers its members with a geo-target directory of marijuana recreational and medical dispensaries, doctors, lawyers, head shops and many more within the marijuana industry. There’s the WeedDepot mobile app which can be downloaded for free  at Google Play and iTunes Store. Other websites developed and maintained by Northsight Capital Inc. include 420careers, MarijuanaRecipes, RateMyStrain, Mjbizwire, MarijuanaSelfies, JointLovers, MarijuanaCompanies, WikiWeed and MarijuanaMD.

Why Follow the Company’s Weed Sites?

Considering that there are many marijuana-related sites on the internet, why should you follow Northsight Capital, Inc.’s weed websites? The following are a few good reasons why:

  • Learn facts and figures about weed. Just looking at the list of websites that the company maintains and develops, you would know that for anything that you’ll ever want to find that is related to marijuana, NorthSight Capital has the right website for you. If you need facts and figures related to marijuana, you can just pick any of the websites that are enumerated above.  Say for example you want to find information about recreational and medical marijuana, you can simply click on the WikiWeed button that you can find at the bottom of the page of any of the websites above. If it’s marijuana recipe ideas that you want to find, simply visit MarijuanaRecipes and you’ll find loads of tasty, healthy cannabis recipes from celebrity chef Payton Curry.


  • Resources for weed lovers. Marijuana lovers will find it easier to get the information they want to about weed because everything that they need to know about marijuana---articles, news, directories, locations, doctors, etc. are provided by the company. Say for example you’re on the WeedDepot site and after getting information about the location of a nearby medical dispensary you feel like also checking out the latest news about marijuana, you can just hover your mouse over to the bottom part of the page where you will find links to the other websites of Northsight Capital. You don’t need to open a new browser but just click the name any of those marijuana sites and you will be directed to its official website.


  • Find news about weed. Northsight Capital, Inc. has a comprehensive list of the latest news about weed so you don’t have to make a Google Search anymore. No longer will you need to go through the longer process of modifying your search and looking for the latest news about weed because you will easily find them on WeedDepot.

You see, the reasons mentioned above should be convincing enough to make you want to follow the weed sites of Northsight Capital, Inc. Anything and everything related to marijuana that you want to know about is already put together for you by Northsight Capital, Inc. so there’s no need to go any further. Check out the company’s websites today and be impressed!