Eating marijuana could be an excellent delivery mechanism for the sacred marijuana herb as the process avoid the lungs altogether. It also paves way for consistent dosage and is quite discreet. But when cannabis gets inhaled, the body metabolizes it through the lungs and the effects are pretty, happens immediate and disappears certainly. Instead the edible form of marijuana makes use of the liver which offers a much different experience and features a completely different dosing curve.

Eating cannabis takes a slower and a longer process sloping hill. Onset is slower and usually takes 30-60 minutes for the effects to reach high and lasts for about 4-6 hours. There are few things to avoid by first time marijuana users to avoid uncertain and unwanted reactions in their body and these are discussed here.

Things to avoid while eating cannabis by first time users:

1.    Eating fast and too much:

There are no chances of over doing cannabis while smoking it but while using it in the form of edibles, there are all chances of overdoing and misusing it. THC could hit the brain so fast and so quickly. By the time one thinks of packing another bowl, they would realize their last it. Overdoing marijuana edibles could be okay for those who have practiced it but should not be attempted by first time users.

Edible manufacturers pack more and more of THC into every gram of food and thus even consuming a small medicated bar of chocolate, brownie could result in an unknown and overwhelming experience.

2.    Consuming alcohol is an imperfect analogy:

Smoking weeds while combining it with a sip of beer is a different concept but a short of binge drinking coupled with cannabis edible could be a hard to realize overdose. Most users won’t have a mental model of what an appropriate dose of edible marijuana could be where the dose gets disguised with other ingredients; they have no concept on the dose of marijuana that was consumed.

As there is still not a clear idea or information given on the dose of marijuana on the labels of edibles, it could be a worst idea to couple it with a pint of alcohol. The results could be too overwhelming and hard to tolerate for first time users.

3.    Avoid coupling marijuana shots with meals:

First time users usually attempt to use marijuana to feel and experience the inherent effect it could offer and to help them with a high that they long awaited. Coupling medicated edibles along with meals could prolong the effects of it and might not offer the intended effects some times. Also, as the effects were not realized in the intended time, there is a tendency to overdo the dosage that could result in worst symptoms and after effects.

It is important that first time users follow these basic and simple steps while they treat themselves with marijuana edibles for the first time in order to avoid negative cannabis experience. Start low and slow is the golden rule to treat oneself with marijuan