Marijuana edibles are becoming a popular snack time edibles and are used almost every day in Colorado where consuming recreational edibles are legal. Though they are tasty and could take a person to great highs, there are a number of important things to remember when one consumes marijuana edibles for the first time, to have a safe and a fun-filled experience.


It is good to note that consuming marijuana could produce a completely different effect compared to smoking it. However, it is important to choose the right product and determine what the correct amount to use is.


There are sure safety tips for first time marijuana consumers. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Choosing what type of edible is best and safe. It is possible to infuse any type of food with cannabis as long as it contains some sort of fats and lipids as cannabis is fat soluble and not water soluble. The effects does not vary much with different types of cannabis edibles and therefore choosing the type of edible is completely a matter of personal preference. The best and the most notable difference between the different edible types depend on how they get absorbed inside the body.

There are two different ways on how it gets absorbed into the bloodstream namely gastrointestinal and sublingual. Sublingual means under the tongue and it happens when consumers tinctures, sucks or uses an hard candy and is known to be an faster method of absorption as cannabinoids are able to enter directly into the bloodstream through the blood vessels that are found in abundance under the tongue.

Gastrointestinal absorption happen after the edible enters the digestive tract and takes longer to feel the effects. This happens when the first time user consumes brownies, baked products, cooking, drinks and savory snacks.


So, depending on your preference, you can either choose Sublingual or Gastrointestinal.

 2. Learning how much to eat. Learning how much to eat depends on one’s past experience with marijuana. For starters the golden rule is to start low and to go slow with the diet. It has been recommended that the starting dose be as low as 10 mg and for those experienced smokers and for those who have a high tolerance for marijuana could take a little higher dose.


However, irrespective of the dose, it is important to have a note on the cautions of consuming cannabis. When it comes to edibles, only 5 mg of infused edibles is recommended – be it for medical or recreational purpose, to avoid poor experience for any consumer. It is important to eat more to rule out adverse effects for the system.

 3.  Planning the experience. Planning the experience is highly recommended to first time users. It is important to ensure that edibles get properly labeled and kept out of reach of children.


A lot of effects could happen after consumption of cannabis and therefore it is important to learn the possible effects it could cause and beware of them all. Ensure that you would be okay after the experience and all effects would last only for a short while only.