Cooking with cannabis could be a pleasurable experience. Depending upon your interests, you can churn out interesting recipes ranging from main course items, munchies for snacking and exotic deserts.


However, cooking with weed requires specialized skills. And there are some common rules to abide by for a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when cooking with weed.

 1.    Not Knowing What to Expect

Eating weed and smoking marijuana is not one and the same thing. When you consume marijuana rich recipes the effect could be much stronger, however, you might realize it only after 30 minutes of consumption. Sometimes, the effect might take even longer.


So, practically, patience is required before deciding on whether you need to consume more for the desired high. Ideally, you need to wait for one hour or so before deciding whether you should consume more. Do not keep munching on enhanced portions in desperation. 

2.    Adding Weed Directly to your Recipe

Marijuana or weed cannot be added directly to your recipe. The reason being that, the human digestive system is not equipped to digest THC in complex form. It will throw it out of the system immediately. Therefore, you need to perform an extraction procedure with an oil based solvent like butter or oil. This is because THC is fat soluble. You need to crush the weed to bind it in the chosen medium. Finally, the mix has to be strained well to eliminate residues.


Whereas extraction can also be performed manually, there are appliances too that help in extraction without any manual supervision. Ideally, you should have extractions done in coconut oil, olive oil and butter!

 3.    Not Keeping Munchies Ready

Consuming marijuana rich foods without accompaniments is a gross mistake. You need to keep non-medicated munchies ready at hand whenever you are considering binging on weed stuffed foods. Try punctuating your weed bites with these munchies in order to keep the balance right. Stack on some blueberries for instance!


4.    Being Unprepared for Unexpected Events

Well, despite your best efforts, things could actually go wrong. You might have to deal with an unnecessary high that’s totally uncalled for. Therefore, before starting off with your weed recipes, you must ideally stock up on citrus fruits and citrus juices for a counter attack. Make sure you stick to the unsweetened juices or preferably freshly squeezed juices.


The main aim is to keep your experiences pleasurable. Break your recipe into smaller portions and consume sensibly. Make sure you have undertaken the extraction procedure with due care so that the entire THC amount has been extracted well. Consider investing in a good cookbook with a complete range of recipes to try out. It is always good to introduce some variety in your assortment.