A lot of people who have inhaled or smoked marijuana in the past are quite anxious to learn how the herb would be to eat. Though both the methods could take a person to extreme highs, there are an obvious differences between smoking and ingesting marijuana, and they are discussed here.

1.    Absorption of THC.

It is generally considered that edibles that have been infused with marijuana are pretty stronger than vaporized or smoked cannabis. This is because when marijuana is consumed in an ingestible form, its THC could get metabolized by the liver where it gets converted into 11hydroxyl THC. This active metabolite crosses the blood brain barrier resulting in an intense hike.  When THC gets inhaled, it follows a different process of metabolism as it crosses the stomach and the liver and travels to the brain directly. This is the reason the effects of vaporized marijuana through smokes comes faster but diminish quickly.

2.    Duration and high effects.

There is a rule for using edible marijuana that is, start small and less portions and be patient for the effect to occur. As edibles needs to be digested and metabolized they could take anywhere between 30 minutes to two hours to offer the effect but these effects could last for a number of hours. These effects vary based on the quantity of cannabis used in the edibles. Smaller quantity of edibles yields mild but comfortable effects for beginners. Compared to inhaled cannabis edibles are mild and offer only a small concentration of the cannabinoids to the blood stream. Ingesting edibles could introduce 10-20% of THC in the blood while inhaled cannabis could offer at least 50-60%.

3.    It is difficult to calculate dosage of THC with edibles.

It is not easy to determine the THC content of homemade edibles and it could be a difficult task for professional distributors as well as they could face difficulty capturing the advertised dose in their actual products. Also as there is a delay between the ingestion of the food and the onset of desired effects, consumers could overestimate the dose of marijuana at some times. On contrary inhaled cannabis along with offering instantaneous effects, also allows the consumer to choose his dose as he desires.

Even at the legal marijuana market in Colorado, 10 mg of THC is considered a standard dose which is expected to deliver mild effects. A 100 mg edible is a much higher dose and should therefore be split into a number of divided doses to be consumed over time.

4.    Edible marijuana is a healthier option compared to smoking.

Ingesting marijuana through edible ways is becoming more popular among people who don’t enjoy the harsh experience of smoking it or if they are worried about the long term concerns that are associated with it. Though vaporization is a healthier alternative, edibles often are known to offer lasting effects from pain and muscle tension.

Though these are psychoactive brownies, they are still healthy, as an infused granola is a less sought option compared to the cannabis butter doused on to the kale chips.