Every marijuana user was once a newbie and while the regular pot smokers follow their own marijuana habits, the new ones almost always make awkward, funny and at times harmful mistakes while trying to get high. This happens especially if they’re not with a seasoned pot smoker who they can learn from. This article will list the top 4 harmful mistakes that people make while using marijuana. Read here and be able to avoid the same mistakes.

1. Holding one’s breath after inhaling from a bong or a pipe. To date, research on marijuana have found that holding breath after inhaling from a pipe makes the lungs absorb 85% of the drug’s THC. If this is what you follow as part of your marijuana habits and this do on a regular basis, you’re making your lungs susceptible to cancer. You might even risk your pulmonary health as your body absorbs the toxic cloud within just a few seconds of holding your breath after inhaling from a pipe.

 2. Smoking more than what’s necessary. It’s important for stoners to remember that they don’t have to smoke more weed than needed. Depending on the quality of marijuana, a smoker can only achieve a certain level of high regardless of how much he or she smokes. At times, smoking more than what’s needed actually leads to ‘burnout’ more severely in the end. Avoid making the mistake of getting too stoned and wish that you’d be able to go back to being sober again.

 3. Burning oneself on the roach. Passing around a joint is already a part of marijuana habits among smokers of weed and the seasoned ones already know enough how to handle it once the joint has been smoked to a nub. As for newbies, they don’t have the skilled hands yet or the inhalation skills to be able to handle a roach properly. This is exactly why they always end up having burned lips and fingers when the joint gets passed their way. You can avoid this mistake by observing how the seasoned smokers handle the joint and practicing how do it properly.

 4. Driving while impaired. Don’t get behind the wheel and smoke weed at the same time but wait for at least 15 minutes before you operate a vehicle to avoid getting involved in an accident on the road. Do a sobriety test on yourself first. Stand on one leg then check your balance to identify whether you’re impaired or not. Avoid following bad marijuana habits by drinking and smoking pot when driving because alcohol impairs your judgement and skills and smoking weed doesn’t help sober you up.

Considering the mistakes that marijuana smokers make and the harm they bring to the body, the healthiest way to go about it is may be not smoke at all. While there’s too much potential for marijuana as a safe recreational drug and medicine, smoking it still presents a dangerous long-term risk to a user’s health including the possibility of having increased susceptibility to some types of cancer.

As debates on the merits and demerits of greater marijuana use continues and more and more people following bad marijuana habits one thing remains clear: that smoking weed overall bad. If you overdo smoking it, you’ll likely end up putting your health at risk.