The Cannabis Cup has become symbolic to knowing the power of the strains across the world. While a lot of blogs conduct their own ratings and reviews to identify the most powerful strains, High Times magazine has been the most reliable source to learn about these strains.

Some might feel that a specific strain is more powerful, others might consider other strains are more powerful. So after thorough curation, we bring you the list of the most popular pot strains. Read out…


1.    Ghost Train Haze

Voted as the #1 marijuana strain by Medical Jane, the Ghost Train Haze is number one on our list. The strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid and was created by breeding Ghost’s OG with Nevil’s Wreck.

It has a structure which is indicative of a sativa and the light green buds are absolutely not airy. They are so well enclosed in trichomes that they appear to be white.

 It even claimed the #1 US sativa honors at the 2014 Cannabis Cup in Denver.

 2.    Blue Dream

Blue Dream doesn’t need any introduction. It is probably among the most popular strains of all time in the West Coast. Being a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, Blue Dream is won several awards and is one of the favourites among marijuana lovers.

It balances full-body relaxation and can take you into a calm euphoria. Some of the buds represents an indica-like appearance, however, the sativa-leaving is more obvious on it.

 3.    Tahoe OG

One of the best marijuana treatment for insomnia, pain and lack of appetite is Tahoe OG. It is one of the best strains for the rainy day; however it is not advisable if you’re to go out of your home.

Available at around $10.00/gm and $200-$280/ounce legally, Tahoe OG is available in several dispensaries in states where it is legal.

Thanks to its unique effects, Tahoe OG has made its own name among all the other strains. It is also often labelled as indica, a hybrid and a sativa. The strain is absolutely amazing for a great night sleep for those suffering from insomnia.

 4.    Headband

Headband is a hybrid of a high-flying sativa with some heavy indica. Being available at $59.45 a 1/8th in Denver Colorado, the strain is number four on our list.

The strain contains the flavors of lemons and diesels and is provides great relief for pain relief and relax. The strain will also help you reduce your stress levels.

Though there are several strains out there that are at their popularity peak, these are some of the most popular that you can consider trying. I’m sure you will love every single one of them.