2014 actually witnessed a myriad of tastes and flavors capturing the fantasies of culinary enthusiasts and gastronomists at large. The assortment of recipes that topped the charts last year involved innovative cooking styles that had a special eye on health. We take a look at some of the most talked about recipes of the year that went by.

Here are some recipes that made a mark in 2014:

1.    Chicken Wings Hit the Headlines

Chicken wings have always been popular with non vegetarians. So much so that every fast food chain has a special preparation dedicated to it. This year, the many ways in which these succulent pieces of chicken can be prepared succeeded in keeping foodies engaged.

 chicken wings - Weed Depot.jpg

Some of the best recipes were centered on baked, fried, roasted, grilled and sautéed wings along with an assortment of herbs and spices. 

2. A Special Chicken Soup Found Many Takers

Soups have always been a favorite with people across all age groups. This year, a special chicken soup which was prepared using a pressure cooker, in a little over an hour, proved to be extremely popular.


This one is a heady yet therapeutic concoction of chicken cubes and an assortment of seasonal veggies steamed in a pressure cooker to perfection. It is meant to provide comfort to the sore throat and carries loads of nutrition too.

 3. Interesting Summer Recipes were Talked About as Well

Summer time cooking could be a challenge especially if the process requires spending endless hours in front of a stove. This is perhaps the reason why a range of recipes that involved cooking on a slow cooker became extremely popular during the sweltering summers through July. Some worthy mentions in this category includes caramelized onions, baked beans, bratwurst, and strawberry salad with pecans, beet bruschetta and pulled pork.

baked beans - Weed Depot.jpg

 4. Beer Cocktails

In drinks, beer cocktails were a lot in news. Ingredients like sugar syrups, bitters and cayenne peppers were added to the finest beer brews in order to create exhilarating concoctions. Lime juice and a variety of liquors were also added in them, to get more variations. 

For couples who share cooking as a common passion, spending some quality time in the kitchen, stirring up exotic and indulgent preparations could be rewarding. Some such recipes that made a mark in 2014 include oysters roasted in aromatic thyme, seared sea scallops and beets. They all make for heart healthy recipes. 

oysters - Weed Depot.jpg

Cooking in 2014 was thus about making the process of food preparation convenient and worthwhile without compromising on the tastes and flavors.