Taking marijuana edibles as a means to go high on pleasure is not the best option as it is usually considered, as it does not offer such an extreme departure from the current reality. But it could still help getting high and is becoming a popular method in some states to get stoned and carries a potential of misuse.


It is important to stay informed on the proper dosage and to approach marijuana edibles with caution.


The effects of consuming marijuana could vary between people based in the type and amount of marijuana consumed and also the method in which it was consumed. There are four important things to keep in mind before trying marijuana treats as discussed here:

 1. Go low and go slow: First time users should start with lower doses on marijuana as the effect of the herb on their body is unknown. It is wise to start with a dose of 10 milligram of THC and wait for a period of at least two hours before attempting to consume more of cannabis. This is because the digestive system processes cannabis pots slowly especially if one has taken the treat along with a substantial meal.

But once they are digested they are directed towards the liver when this THC gets converted into another chemical termed as 11 hydroxyl THC which is actually an more potent variant, this is why edibles takes a person to high pleasure than in other forms.

 2. Do not mix marijuana treats with alcohol: It is not recommended to mix cannabis edibles with alcohol even by those who have mastered both the substances. Do remember that smoking while you rock a beer is totally different that tasting a cannabis brownie when you are already drunk. This is because alcohol has the potential to magnify the effects of pot to great levels and could end up causing dizziness and nausea.

 3. Keep CBD capsules handy: CBD is an important cannabinoid that possess healing properties and is known for its confounding actions on the THC. CBD is known to lessen the paranoid and panicky feelings that are usual after ingesting too much of THC. Some people would keep CBD rich cannabis for smoking and use them as an antidote so that this would help balancing them when they go way high.

 4. Do not panic: It is important to train one’s mind not to panic well before tasting marijuana treats. Keep telling your mind that you would be normal sooner or later as even the high pleasure wards off, some residual effects termed the marijuana hangover could remain. The symptoms could be fatigue, anxiety, sluggishness etc. know your limits to ensure an fun and positive experience


There are suggested serving sizes for new consumers who could take up to 5 mg, occasional pot consumers could taste from 5-10 mg and frequent consumers could help themselves with 10-15 mg of cannabis to over usage. Learn to use the pot wisely and sensibly for good effects to follow.