Growing quality Marijuana plants with quality buds could be a weird and difficult task without adequate information. There are a number of factors to be considered when one plans to grow marijuana indoors for their recipes. The following tips would help you grow quality marijuana plants and use its healthy buds in their recipes.

1.    Getting quality marijuana seeds:

Quality seeds for these plants are pretty hard to obtain especially in areas where growing these herbs could end up in fines. One common rule is that if the weed gets pretty high then its seeds are usually good for growing. Seeds that originate from a green bud are better to grow as this strain is acclimated to the northern latitude growing season. If you have marijuana plantations at home, make sure during parties or other social events that people don’t break up the buds and discard the seeds.

The best time to observe for these seeds is between October and January. Thus finding and maintaining a quality seed stock is the most essential task of a successful marijuana plantation.

2.    Choosing the growing site:

The next important step is to pick up a prime location that would complement the growth of the bud. The best location is the areas of grasslands that would have inter spread small trees and bushes. Usually a farming land that has not been used for production for at least ten years is the most ideal spot for outdoor marijuana plantation. Plains along rivers and streams are also ideal but there could be risk of losing seeds in the fall or spring as flooding is common at this time of the year.

Some people, who use these buds for their recipes and domestic purposes, plant them in pots at mountainous terrains that have good sunlight but untillable soil. Choosing a site that is covered with dense and short bushes is pretty suitable as these bushes grow high enough avoiding contact with people or large animals. Thus the most important criteria for growing ample and healthy marijuana buds are good soil, water availability, sunlight and a suitable cover. Soil is the most important factor and are found in areas were grassland vegetation has persisted for some years.

3.    Pruning:

Pruning as a farming technique has been used by farmers to enhance the yield. It is a method where the small shoots between the branches and the trunk get removed so that all the energy of the plant gets maximized for fruit production. For marijuana plants as well, it could be very useful to remove these useless shoots so that these plants develop bigger buds that are also hard and heavy.

Pruning is mostly practiced by professional marijuana growers who wish to yield the maximum weed per sq. meter. As no energy from the plant would be wasted on the small buds or leaves, the buds at the top would grow heavier and bigger and get ideal for tasty recipes.

4.    Harvesting:

Learning when and how to harvest the buds is the most important step in yielding tasty and bigger marijuana buds. It depends on a number of factors such as fungus, weather, development of the buds and also thieves. Some strains could mature earlier in fall than others and the weather could also force us to pull the buds early.

If a severe freeze is heading it is good to pull off whatever is there because even a mild frost could damage these plants severely. Also keep a watch on size of the bud, predictions on weather, strain of the weed and the location of the site before harvesting the buds.