Marijuana, for many years, has been in a bad rap, mainly due to the myths spreading around and being fed into the minds of the people. But, what’s the truth? Recently, medical marijuana has been surfacing and has been thoughts to cure many diseases, including glaucoma and anxiety; however, controversy, it does not escape. So to find out the truth behind the common myths about marijuana, you can check out below.


Myths About Marijuana

  1. Pot driving is bad just like drink driving. Not true; in fact, drunk driving is much, more worse that it kills 28 people in America every day. Marijuana, instead of being a liability, is said to be an asset due to the increase cautiousness that a driver has when under pot influence.
  2. Weed is a gateway drug, according to some people. This, again, is not true. In fact, there one regular user, out of 104 people, who uses cocaine and, and less than one who uses heroin.  As you see, marijuana is not a gateway to becoming addicted to even highly dangerous, illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin.
  3. Marijuana leads to addiction. This is not real; in fact, only less than one percent of the people or one percent of cannabis uses it daily. There is a very small minority of regular cannabis users, and in the event they withdraw, there are not much of the withdrawal symptoms they experience, as compared to withdrawal from other substances, including cocaine and heroin.
  4. Cannabis lower motivation. This is ironic because marijuana users are even driven to do their stuff, but of course, with the exemption of those who are constantly intoxicated. This very small group of one or less than one percent is not productive, according to researchers who have been conducting a study to find marijuana-induced motivational problem.
  5. Marijuana is dangerous due to its high concentrations of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). According to studies, there is no possibility of lethal overdose from cannabis, no matter what its potency is.  It has been noted that it is even less harmful than tobacco smoking, in particular to its effects on the lungs.

Discovering these myths opposite of facts can help you stay on the right track regarding the truth about cannabis, especially if you were considering it as a treatment option. Nevertheless, make sure to review your current law practices regarding the legality of cannabis in your location.