Entering the marijuana industry, there are so many jobs that you can get and can help you earn a lot of money, especially if you just lost your job and you wish to pursue a career path that is new and is completely different compared to your previous job. While other people think that the marijuana industry is totally unhelpful to people, well, the jobs it offers, at least, can certainly be a proof that it is a place where many people can take benefit from. So, if you are planning to work in the marijuana industry anytime soon, here are five of the most common jobs that you can get.


You do not really need to have a bachelor’s degree in journalism to be qualified to take this job. If you can write decently and with style, you can be a journalist for the marijuana industry. These are the people who make articles about the industry and the ones who disseminate information about the latest trends, which can be up for publications, distribution or online blog publications.


Educators are becoming in demand, too, when it comes to the marijuana industry, especially because of the growing population of the marijuana community. The industry needs people who can give proper education about marijuana cultivation, consumption and the various strains of marijuana, not only to first-time consumers, but also to groups who are seeking for more knowledge that they can use to strengthen their advocacies.

Delivery Drivers

Marijuana producers also need people whom they can trust to serve as the link between them and their clients. Delivery drivers are the ones who go to the headquarters or homes of marijuana business owners or marijuana product makers and bring the fresh marijuana to them for them to be able to create their own sets of products, which they can sell to other people.


The legalization of marijuana cultivation and consumption has always been a sensitive issue, especially in states where the marijuana culture is not openly accepted yet. This is where lawyers come in. They serve as the defenders of the marijuana business owners, cultivators, product manufacturers and of the organizations which are doing their best to fight for the legalization of marijuana in their states.

Event Planners

From space cake eating contests to formal forums aiming to educate more people about the benefits that the marijuana industry can bring, event planners are the people behind these successful events. Just like what their name suggests, they monitor the flow of such kinds of events and take profit from doing so. From knowing where to get supplies of the marijuana extracts to be used in making marijuana treats for food fests to the microphones that they must use for the event – these are all handled by event planners.

These are only among the most common jobs that you can get if you choose to join the marijuana industry. Quitting from your current job, there will surely be a job in the industry that can fit your sets of skills and knowledge.