No matter if you are a medical marijuana patient, dispensary or grower, you may need some useful apps for it. Now, you can download hundreds of them in the App Store, Google Play and other top downloading sites, and to get started with them, here is a promising list you may consider.

Five Promising Cannabis Apps Now

1. Leafly Marijuana Strain and Dispensary

Known as the world’s top cannabis information source and award-winning at that, this application allows you to explore on different things about cannabis, including topical, strains and tinctures, among others. You can also find edible and concentrates here, so why wait? You may check out this app today and be among one of the millions.

2. Weed Depot

Dubbed as one of the best marijuana directories in the world, the Weed Depot is a promising app you should not miss because it is also where professionals and consumers find locations, doctors, information, paraphernalia shops and other products and services related to cannabis use for recreation and medicine. This is available both as a website and as an application, where patients in the same or nearby geographical locations can also discuss, review and connect among each other.


This is the app for marijuana dispensaries in the world and is dubbed as the most reliable, simplest app to find exactly what every consumer needs.  You can look up for local dispensaries to check out any available medication, menu items, edibles and marijuana strains. It lists a wide range of deliveries, dispensaries and physicians all over the world, too.


An all-in-one source for bringing all information about marijuana in one place, or marketplace, the Weedstreets is a dependable app to download and use for both the medicinal and recreational consumers, who are in locations, where of course, allowed by the law.  This app is simple and very easy to navigate so there won’t be problem even to those who are not much in to technology.

5.Weed Pro

Known as Ohio’s best lawn care service provider that has more than thousands of satisfied customers from all over the state. This provider is specializing on weed, but their main business is helping consumers in taking care of their lawn, as they provide the best information in identifying the weeds in your garden.

OK, so now you know which apps to download, depending on your needs and purpose. Nevertheless, there is an app for your specific needs. Best of all, most of them are free. Happy downloading!