Smoking marijuana is about enjoying the highs. After all, there is no point in weed tasting if the results aren’t particularly awesome. Depending upon your endurance, you can actually move from strength to strength. However, before you consider trying out the strongest strains of Marijuana available in the market, it is always advisable to be cautious.


Exceptional highs can be highly uncomfortable unless you happen to be in sync. Once you are ready, here are 5 of the most potent strains to try.

The Strongest Weed Strains for the Cannabis Lover

 1.Bruce Banner No. 3

If you are a seasoned Cannabis smoker, this strain of marijuana will surely pack in a robust punch. With a whopping 28.35% THC content, this strain is extremely potent and can actually knock you off. However, make sure you are completely at ease with it before going full throttle. 

                                                 The Incredible Bruce Banner 3.jpg

                                                                 The Incredible Bruce Banner 3

2. A-Dub

If you are a connoisseur of tastes when it comes to smoking marijuana, A-Dub should ideally be your pick. With a high THC percentage of 28.35%, this strain is incredibly strong as well.  Especially, if you happen to be comfortable with sky rocketing highs, this one must definitely find place in your stash.

 3. R-18

Like the previous strain, this one is also a hybrid strain. The THC amount is as high as 27.38%. Steer clear of this variant if you are a beginner! It can actually keep you locked in your seat for several hours. Beginners must always steer clear of this variant.

 4. O.G. Ghost Train Haze

This one is a medical sativa that packs in a true punch with about 25.49% THC content. Provided you are used to it, the impact be truly great and mind boggling in fact!

                                                       A Mix of Medical Marijuana Strains.jpg


                                                                    A Mix of Marijuana Strains

5. Blue Cookies

Blue Cookies promises serious highs to smokers. Therefore, it is recommended for seasoned marijuana enthusiasts. Ideally, you must begin with something that is a little less potent and move over to this variant. However, once you are comfortable with it, there would be no reason to complain.


The choice of your favorite Cannabis strain may not depend on the concentration of THC alone. You will also need to ascertain other factors, depending upon your preferences. For instance, the percentages of Sativa and Indica could be a deciding factor.


                                             Sativa vs Indica.jpg


Depending on your preference, you can choose one with a higher concentration of Sativa for a more pronounced impact on the mind or ones with higher concentration of Indica for a high body impact.


The choice of flavor is also important for some. Whereas some enjoy fruity berry like concoctions, others prefer a distinct stony flavor. One of the wisest things to do is to run through specifications of some strains and subsequently make a choice. You may also wish to check on the origins and compositions of the strains before selecting. With the internet at your disposal, most of the information you require would be there in a jiffy.