Though cannabis is considered legal for recreational and medical use in over 20 states of the US, it is still considered illegal under the federal law. For anybody wanting to taste the drug through tasty recipes, it is important to remember that the edible variant could take as long as three hours to cause the desired effect. However, its effects could stay up to 8 hours depending on the portion ingested.

It is important that people don’t attempt to drive, perform climb stairs, operate machinery and generally do not move from their couch unless it is desired absolutely. But cooking cannabis based food is an interesting and simple option where you could enjoy good food along with the high caused by the drug.

But it could be difficult to become a valid cannabis chef as it requires hours of practice on cooking and testing. Having said that, there are few important tips beginners can follow before starting to cook cannabis based foods.

Tips for cooking cannabis based recipes for beginners:

1. Mix cannabis with some kind of fat. Marijuana is fat soluble and not water soluble. To help the plant release the THC it holds and provide its effects, it is necessary to heat and mix the plant with some kind of fat, be it oil, butter or other dairy products. The best way is to prepare marijuana oil or marijuana butter beforehand and use them in the recipes. Boiling in water won’t work and sprinkling it over already cooked dish also won’t work.

 2. Portions and measurements. After getting to know the basics of using cannabis in the kitchen it is important to learn its culinary know how. It is vital to measure the amount of food that is used in the recipes. Half a gram per person is the ideal measurement if buds are used in the recipe or two grams if trimmings are used.

This is a prudent measurement for a starter. Later on, the cook could adjust proportions based on the needs of the person tasting the food. To measure it, you could use a kitchen scale.

Also not all types of marijuana are the same in terms of their potency and therefore calculating portions based on the herb’s potency is advised.

 3. Temperature. THC needs to be heated for it to get released. But overheating could degrade some strains of cannabinoids. Therefore it is important to cook for longer period of time but at a temperature below 170 degree Celsius.

 4. Maintaining the flavor. You should test the recipes well ahead before serving to others. It is important to ensure that the recipe should taste good and also takes one high. Maintain flavor by using it properly in the kitchen and it goes well with other herbs as well if they are used in the form of butter.

 5. Be prepared for the after-effects. A lot of people do not know how they would feel after eating marijuana based recipes. From feeling high to getting dizzy, after-effects of these foods could be many – some not so serious and some serious, but the most extreme effects of cannabis ingestion are anxiety and panic attacks. In situations like these, leave the person in a calm environment and speak to him softly. These symptoms along with a drop in blood pressure would warn off eventually.