New Year is the time to celebrate! And binging on choicest assortment of recipes is possibly the best way to have a great time. If you are a Cannabis fan, trying out some marijuana recipes with a twist, would perhaps be a highly fulfilling experience. You can even share them with your friends. We look at some such recipes here.

 1. Magical Rasta Pasta

No special menu is complete without a pasta dish. This one used Cannaoil instead of the regular olive oil. You can prepare an excellent flavorful dish of pasta along with an assortment of fresh herbs and different varieties of cheeses, blended superlatively with fresh seasonal vegetables and your choice of pasta sticks.

 2. Pumpkin Craisin Cookies

What better way to celebrate Christmas than bake some special festive cookies? And the touch of Cannabis olive oil makes the taste all the more special. Pumpkin puree and a variety of grains are punched in for packing in loads of sweetness. You also add crainsins, choco chips and vanilla extract for flavor. 

classic cannabis cookies - Weed Depot.jpg

Classic Cannabis Cookies

3.Classic Cannabis Dough-bites

Most of us have memories of stealing cooking dough from the kitchen, as kids! This is a transformed version for adults. This flavorful dough is prepared from coconut cannaoil and blended with loads of ingredients including vanilla extracts, coconut sugar, cinnamon, almond milk and so on. Besides, it is completely egg free!

 4. The Cannabis Pumpkin Pie

Well, the predictable taste of pumpkin pie is somewhat challenged when you include a dash of cannabis. Cannabutter blends with the regular pumpkin extracts, molasses, brown sugar and other flavoring substances for a sweetened dish that promises even sweeter wide effects!

 5. High Bird Stuffing

A turkey is incomplete without its stuffing and what better way to enjoy it rather than opt for a weed based stuffing for a marvelously roasted bird for this Christmas? Rye bread crumbs is blended with cannabutter along with raisins, almonds, garlic and chopped onions and stuffed inside a turkey before baking. 

stuffed turkey - Weed Depot.jpg

Stuffed Turkey

6. Whipped Sweet Potato with Cannabis

Sweet potato has a distinct flavor of its own. You can blend it with softened cannabutter and add a few other aromatic spices including cinnamon, lemon juice and vanilla extract. You can add salt and pepper for seasoning and tempering.

If you have a serious sweet tooth, you can also try Cannabis cinnamon rolls or cannapple upside down cake .Both make for interesting inclusions for a truly innovative desert menu. 

If you haven’t read about preparing marijuana recipes before, planning the extraction correctly from marijuana leaves is extremely important. Recipes require different specific variants for the perfect taste.

cannapple upside down cake - Weed Depot.jpg

Cannapple Upside Down Cake

For instance, some could do with cannabutter while others would need cannabis extracted in olive oil and some would specifically need coconut oil. One can always use a specific appliance for preparing cannabis extracts as per requirement. Watching out for the portion sizes is also equally important.