In modern marijuana culture, its use was spread out by the Rastafarian movement as an aid to meditation until there’s a ton of research conducted suggesting that it can prove to be a miracle drug with its ability to offer various health benefits. What are those benefits that the scientists have found? Keep reading and learn what this ‘miracle drug’ is said to offer for a person’s health.

The topic about marijuana is being talked about by everyone including the leading doctors and top government officials in the world. Almost every single citizen wants to know more about marijuana specifically its potential to treat various illnesses. What exactly are those health benefits that can be expected from the drug that has greatly changed the marijuana culture?

1. Stopping the spread of cancer cells. Many studies have found that contrary to what a lot of people believe that smoking pot causes lung cancer just like cigarette, it can actually slow down tumor growth in the brain, lungs and breasts. This is backed by the study made by the American Association for Cancer Research. With this discovery come new challenges regarding the marijuana culture. Right now, Washington and Colorado have legalized its use after finding that the drug has several health benefits to offer.

 2. Treating HIV. Another health benefit that researchers have found in marijuana is its capability to stop HIV from spreading throughout the body. This is probably the most unexpected news which scientists have just recently announced. According to their findings, an active ingredient in marijuana called THC can effectively stop the spread of the disease when they tested it in monkeys. The monkeys that were subjected to the study received daily doses of THC and they were found to have had higher levels of healthy cells too.

 3. Controlling seizures. Since marijuana has ‘antispasmodic’ properties and it acts as a muscle relaxant, it is very effective in treating seizures. There are already countless cases when people who suffered from seizures were only able to function better when they used marijuana.

 4. Slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s. Another health benefit that is related to the use of marijuana is its ability to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. A 2006 study discovered that marijuana is able to block an enzyme that is responsible for the fast progression of the illness and prevent protein clumps inhibiting cognition as well as memory.

 5. Preventing blindness from glaucoma. According to the National Eye Institute, marijuana can help prevent blindness from glaucoma as it decreases pressure inside the eye. Also, studies back in the 1970s have already showed that when marijuana is smoked, it lowers intraocular pressure in individuals with regular pressure and also those with glaucoma.

 6. Treating multiple sclerosis. Perhaps one of the most revolutionary moments in marijuana culture is the discovery that the drug can treat multiple sclerosis. This claim was documented better when Montel Williams, a former talk show host, started to use marijuana to treat his multiple sclerosis. According to studies, using pot can stop the muscle spasms and the neurological effects that come from the deadly illness.

While the use of marijuana is still faced with controversy, some people are already convinced that the marijuana culture is going to change big time with more and more states legalizing its use every year. Well, even with the benefits that it offers to a person’s health, a lot of people around the world are still skeptical about using marijuana because it’s more popularly known as addictive and overall dangerous especially when taken excessively.