People see marijuana and tobacco in many different ways. There are the ones who think that using marijuana is less harmful compared to using tobacco. However, there are some who think otherwise, as well. But whatever your views on these two maybe, they will always come with their own sets of pros and cons that you have to consider. But what is the approach of people on marijuana today compared to tobacco? Here are some of the things that can serve as enlightenment for you.


Well, one of the most common similarities between marijuana and tobacco is the fact that they can be both harmful to the respiratory system of an individual when inhaled or smoked. Contrary to what people believe, marijuana is not less harmful compared to tobacco. The act of inhaling it, especially in high amounts, can certainly damage your respiratory system just as badly as how tobacco can do it. Also, long-term smoking of marijuana, just like how tobacco works, can bring more damage to one’s respiratory health.



One of the benefits that people see when it comes to tobacco, especially when they wish to use it for recreational purposes, is that it is legal in the entire US. People see freedom in using tobacco, a usage which is free from rules and regulations and from probabilities that the cops would put them in jail when they get caught smoking cigarettes. Also, tobacco, compared to marijuana, is cheaper when sold in the market. Obviously, tobacco is openly sold just about everywhere in the US and with its availability, consumers see it as a more convenient choice.


What makes marijuana a more preferable option among consumers is that it respiratory problems can be prevented when they use it. Through the production and consumption of edible marijuana or marijuana treats, the respiratory health deterioration that they fear to get from smoking tobacco is avoided, while they get the same level of pleasure that they desire to experience. Also, marijuana, based on studies, has medicinal benefits, which is among the strongest arguments that marijuana advocates use to legalize the cultivation of cannabis plants in their respective states.

Safety Issues

Well, just like what was mentioned earlier, the usage of either, especially through inhaling or smoking can bring about respiratory disorders. Also, one of the reasons why there are anti-marijuana campaigns is that they fear the addiction that this can bring, especially to their family members.

Looking at the differences and similarities and pros and cons of using marijuana compared to tobacco, one can clearly see why people have various approaches on both. There are people who see the convenience in the availability of tobacco and that is their reason why they choose it over marijuana. However, there are also the ones who see marijuana to be a safer option compared to tobacco, also considering the medicinal benefits that it has. But whatever your preference maybe, always make sure that you put your health first before your pleasure.