Due to the growing number of cannabis growers, merchants and consumers in the United States, programmers and developers have started coming up with a wide range of cannabis apps to choose from, so you may be confused which one to select if you were a smoker, a grower or a seller. To learn about the best of them, read on and check out the best marijuana apps to download.

Best Cannabis Apps

1. Free Weed Depot Mobile App:  It is a one-stop marijuana directory that lets professionals, users and growers get a multitude of information about cannabis. This also features sources of information for paraphernalia shops, dispensaries, physician locations and other service providers demanded by the marijuana community. It also works as a social platform where members can interact and write reviews. In addition, patients can connect with patients in their similar locations to discuss and talk about local cooperatives, medical doctors, dispensaries and deliver services.

2. Weedmaps is one of the best information sources for dispensaries on the planet, according to users. They always update their app with information on products, menu items and user reviews. Right now, they already have 800,000 user reviews that can guide you, especially if you were a new user and more than 640,000 users and counting. Most of who are composed of cannabis smokers from the US, Canada and Europe.

3. Weed Med: Dubbed as the first ever dispensary user app, Weed Med is for information about delivery services, smoke shops and so many more. This allows users to use their tablet or smart phone to load up a delivery or dispensary service information so that users can learn about such. It also features information videos and maps uploader, reviews and pictures making it a one-stop app for all your weed needs. It is also equipped with location finder of dispensaries close to you!

4. Weed ID: This is an information source on weed that lets users identify weed and map weed pressures through a responsive selection process built into the app. It helps users ID weeds based on their specific characteristics, all depending on the criteria you have pre-selected and lets you search for weeds and find photos and description of weeds. Currently, there are 48 weeds in the database but more are expected to be included soon.

5.Weed Spotter:  This particular app lets you map weeds in the field and identify them, too. If you desire so, it can also help you to identify weed infestation, figure out weed control effort and identify hard to identify weeds. It also has features for tracking weed changes and weed control efforts and for giving you early warnings about weeds in the region.

Have you picked which among the best apps is for you? Weigh and study your options well in order to figure out which among those listed supports and meets your expectations. Nonetheless, one can help you in identifying weeds, mapping dispensary locations, offering products or services and so many more, depending on your classification in the weed world (consumer, merchant or grower).