Best Strains for 420


420 is approaching, and those who smoke are getting ready for the festivities. But with so many different strains to choose from, which are the best for the special day? Here are a few you should definitely try.


Strawberry Cough

San Francisco Gate recommends Strawberry Cough. Not only is it a great, strong strain, it has a fantastic flavor and pairs well with healthy breakfasts like smoothies or yogurt, so you’ll start your day off right!


Blue Dream

This is a tried-and-true favorite, and San Francisco Gate recommends it as a great way to keep it balanced and even as you party and imbibe your way through 420.


Girl Scout Cookies

Herb suggests Girl Scout Cookies for the upbeat effects and high amount of THC. This one is great for celebrating!


Sour Diesel

Another good sativa-heavy strain, Herb suggests Sour Diesel as a good way to top off your experience. It’s a strong strain that really packs a punch!