Beverly Hills Mom Claims Marijuana Cured Her Ovarian Cancer

When a person is diagnosed with cancer, one will exhaust all efforts to get the best doctors and treatments to cure the deadly disease. However, a mom from Beverly Hills, California turned to Cannabis oil to cure her cancer. Cheryl Shuman lived a successful life as an “Optician to the Stars” designing and providing eyewear to famous celebrities like Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Julia Roberts, and Madonna.

Her life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2006. She underwent radical hysterectomy, but the cancer spread to her colon and bladder, and her condition became worse.

She shared with New York Times that she clipped a coupon from Pennysaver for her own cremation. This means that her cancer is in terminal stage. Although Shuman is not a novice in marijuana use, she started taking high doses of the marijuana to secretly treat herself. She smuggled the substance in the hospital she was confined in at that time and took it without her doctor’s knowledge as the drug was illegal.

“I was bedridden, catheterized, totally dependent,” she said. “Then, in 30 days, I was off my IV morphine pump and all the pharmaceuticals I was being given. I was able to bathe myself and walk. At 60 days, I was able to drive. At 90 days I was back to work full time.”

Since then, Shuman become an advocate for legalizing marijuana use, specifically the pharmaceutical use of Cannabis oil. She manages Beverly Hills Cannabis Club and contributed to various publications sharing her amazing story of the benefits of marijuana.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis or marijuana contains the chemical compound THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of the drug. Meanwhile, it also contains CBD compound that is the non-psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. Cannabis is a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

The CBD compound was extracted and made into oil, which is taken by patients. In US, medical marijuana is controlled at the state level. Based on Federal Law, Cannabis is still illegal, but the federal government will not actively prosecute patients and caregivers using medical marijuana in treating patients. However, illegal use and trafficking of marijuana is punishable by law.

There is a lack of data in order to draw conclusion on the safety of medical cannabis. However, the side effects of medical cannabis, including tiredness, dizziness, cardiovascular and psychoactive effects. Moreover, withdrawal symptoms are seldom a problem for controlled medical use of marijuana.

In the past, marijuana is not considered as an illegal substance, but a legal pharmaceutical drug. Cannabis is classified as an herbal or medicinal plant. Medical Cannabis is used to treat diseases or improve the symptoms. Cannabis oil is claimed to reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy sessions of people with cancer. It can even improve the appetite of people with HIV/AIDS.

According to research, Cannabinoids have shown anti-cancer effects although there has been little research in cancer treatment. This suggested that Cannabis oil has anti-carcinogenic and anti-tumor effects. Base on the testimonies of cancer patients and survivors that used Cannabis oil for treatment, Cannabis oil improved their health until the cancer cells diminished.

Marijuana has always been a subject of a hot, public debate since the substance offers two sides of the coin. Just like in any debate, people are divided in their views about the substance as marijuana is constantly in the gray area. Those on the “pro” side argued that it is best to legalize marijuana because of its prevalence and demand.

However, the unfounded medical benefits of marijuana are overshadowed by the substance’s negative image. Marijuana is deemed as a harmful substance by some people hindering the legalization of the drug.

Other Patients Claim Marijuana Cures Cancer

Some people doubted Shuman about her claims that marijuana treated her cancer and thought that she feigned her illness so she can promote her Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Some people also said that it is a form of self-promotion. However, Shuman is not the only one who claimed that marijuana and Cannabis oil cure cancer.

Last year, Daily Mail reported about a grandfather battling cancer, but managed to cure himself using Cannabis oil. Mike Cutler, 63, was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 and received a transplant. However, the disease recurred in 2012. Thus, he started researching online and found out about Cannabis oil. The report stated that three days after taking the drug, it alleviated his pain. In May 2015, he went in the hospital for a biopsy and doctors said that the cancer cells miraculously disappeared.

Even young patients claimed that Cannabis cured their cancer. 10-year-old Brave Mykayla was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, which is a very aggressive form of childhood leukemia. In 2012, doctors discovered a mass of lymphoblasts in her chest. Mykayla’s parents sought out alternative treatments using cannabinoids. The substance decreased the cancer cell counts and rebuilt her immune system. Later, it was found out that Mykayla has no lymphoblasts in her blood smear. Right now, she is enjoying her renewed life like any other child.

With growing numbers of patients claiming that marijuana can cure cancer and its other positive effects, many people are becoming advocates of the legalization of the drug. People are looking at marijuana favorably and with proper and responsible use, the side effects can be avoided. People think that any type of drug poses the problems with marijuana. Thus, it cans be avoided with regulations.

Legalization of Marijuana

Health practitioners stressed that there is no reliable evidence that Cannabis oil can cure cancer. One of the reasons why there is very little evidence in the medical benefits of marijuana is because researchers cannot properly conduct clinical trials of cannabis oil since the drug is considered illegal. Legislative issues limit clinical trials and research. However, once the law is changed, legitimate companies can start full blown research on the medical advantages of Cannabis. Research can be conducted not only on CBD, but on other components of marijuana as well, to the pharmaceutical level in order to prove the substance’s effectiveness.

In the US, 18 states approved the use of marijuana for as a medicinal drug. Full legalization of the substance is a roadblock that researchers and advocates must overcome to pave the way for free use of marijuana in the US. A result of the survey stated that 70 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

The clinical trials will establish the evidence that Cannabis oil can cure cancer and other ailments. Legalizing marijuana will provide proper guidelines and regulations not only on clinical trials, but to the medical use of the substance as well.

Cheryl Shuman said that the marijuana industry is just waiting for the go signal from the lawmakers. Marijuana has a big target market and there is a demand for the product. Thus, it will be a benefit to the government as well.

Being available in the black market in some states brings more harm for buyers as it is not regulated and can be purchased by anyone. However, one of the advantages of legalizing the cannabis industry is it will be under government regulations. This dream is yet to come true.