One of the most common questions I get is this, “How much marijuana can I put in a recipe without it making me want to crawl under the table and go into in the fetal position.“ There are so many variables in this question that we are going to have to break it down to the simplest form. The quality of your bud.

After speaking with growers across the country we have heard time and time again that THC levels are starting to climb into the HIGH20’s and some hitting the early30’s.  THC levels this HIGH aren’t typically found on the streets, however states with a surplus of legally grown cannabis have flooded the whack market with extremely cost effective quality bud.

For easiness of math we will assume that the marijuana that we have is 20% THC per gram. So 20%/g. Now using the same philosophy of easiness of math 1 gram of anything is 1,000mg.  That 1,000mg of marijuana that is 20% THC then contains 200mg of THC.  That same 1g, 1,000mg may contain 15% or 30% and you will never know just by looking at it. 

We are now going to take this cannamath lesson a bit further.  Lets dissect the CannaButter recipe from the site.


- 1 lb butter, salted

- 4 cups water

- 1 oz marijuana, grind (add more or less marijuana to get your desired potency)

1 oz of cannabis is 28g or 2800mg


  • Cannabis is 20% THC per gram or 200mg THC/g

                28g x 200mgTHC/g = 5600mg THC per ounce.


  • Now add 1lb of butter to the equation.

                1 lb of melted butter = 2 cups, or 16 fl. Oz

                5600mg/16 fl. Oz = 350mg THC/1 fl. Oz

                1 fl. Oz = 2 Tbsp

                350mb/2= 175mg/Tbsp

Now how do you turn that THC to an active THC molecule? That’s a different show and smell!