While conservative, opposing groups on medical marijuana continue to shun away from the truth of the potentials of medical marijuana against several diseases, including anxiety disorders, ancient people revealed otherwise. The use of medical marijuana had been first documented and found in the ancient literature of India, revealing that the use of cannabis was significant in terms of delivering someone away from his worries.

What About Modern Science?

According to present day experts, there is much more complex link between medical marijuana and anxiety; in fact, it is even more significant and that such use may actually reduce the episodes of anxiety. But take note, though, that the same study also stated that frequent users experience otherwise, and in fact, they tend to experience higher levels of anxiety than those using it occasionally in anxiety attacks.

Something is made clear here; marijuana against anxiety may have its opposite effects, in terms of how a person would use it as per dosage is involved. Without even saying, someone using cannabis for getting rid of anxiety may experience a totally different effect over his counterparts, depending on how he uses cannabis. Therefore, he may suffer from higher levels of depressive moods and anxiety episodes if he would consume higher than recommended levels of cannabis.

Going back, how can it help patients suffering from anxiety? This, in particular, has something to do with the body’s cannabinoid system that has its major role in controlling depression, anxiety and other negative emotions. These cannabinoid receptors in the body are said to be in higher concentrations in some parts of the brain than in others, and such receptors are discovered to have their regulating ability against anxiety due to its control of the hypothalamus and amygdala parts of the human brain.

However, you should know that such studies also stated that a higher level of anxiety can be experienced by patients who combine cannabis with other drugs, including rimonabant. This is the opposite experience among regular cannabis users reporting that cannabis help them lower their anxiety levels.

Based on what are revealed here, marijuana against anxiety can be effective depending on how you would use it, in particular with the dosage you administer for yourself. For you to be safe and for marijuana vs. anxiety to be effective, never use it without your doctor’s advice and supervision and without checking your federal and state laws. Weigh and study your options well, as your safety is what matters at the end of the day.