It was only a matter of time before the world of cannabis joined forces with the world of celebrity endorsements, like every other major money making venture in the Western World. And recent celebrity endorsements have taken the new era of legal cannabis marketing to a whole new level, with some of the biggest names in the previously underground industry getting on board.

One of the biggest of these celebrity partnerships so far is the endorsement by Tommy Chong of a company called Marisol Therapeutics last Fall. The company is based out of Pueblo, Colorado and working with Chong, they have developed a new strain called “Chong Star” which will be released this 4/20. The strain will undoubtedly be immensely popular, and sold all over Colorado. The strain will also be sold for about $2,500 a pound, which is well over the average price for legal cannabis.

“Once Chong Star goes out, people all over the place will want to buy Tommy Chong products,” Mike Stetler, who owns Marisol Therapeutics, told Marijuana Business Daily. “(Chong) deserves to be in this industry. He was one of the pioneers that started bringing it into the public eye,” Stetler stated. “We’re trying to put him where he’s supposed to be.”

Similarly, Snoop Dogg has also put his name on a line of vaporizers, put out by a company called Grenco science.

“It has helped immensely, that partnership. It’s really been the partnership that’s really launched us into the next level and separated us from all the other brands that are out there,” Tim Patenaude, the current vice president of Grenco Science, told Marijuana Business Daily about his partnership with Snoop.

Another one of these amazing celebrity pairings is the newly emerging company Marly Naturals, which has, you guessed it, an endorsement from Bob Marley’s famous family.

“We absolutely intend to be a global brand,” Tahira Rehmatullah, who serves as general manager of Marley Naturals, told Marijuana Business Daily. She states that they plan to expand from the U.S. to Jamaica, Latin America and Europe. The company is currently starting out in Washington, Colorado, and anywhere else where cannabis is recreationally legal.

“It’s a wellness brand. It’s a lifestyle brand. It’s not just focused on a very specific aspect of cannabis, which I think is maybe a little bit more what the stereotype would lead to,” added Rehmatullah.

Rehmatullah also speaks very highly of the benefits from this partnership from the Marley family. “They’re fantastic to work with,” she stated. “We were very fortunate to spend time with the family in Jamaica in early February, celebrating what would have been Bob’s 70th birthday. They’re very active, very engaged. They focus on a lot of different areas of the brand itself. We think that this brand is meant to share (Marley’s) understanding and his respect for others and for the way he wanted the world to be, and how he believed cannabis related to all of that.”

None of the companies have disclosed the details of their agreements, but most celebrities have stated that they either get a sales percentage or monthly stipend for their time offered.

“We see Shaquille O’Neal talking about Gold Bond or Ed McCaffrey talking about Good Feet and endorsing those products. I have no doubt that someday an NFL player will come out and endorse marijuana as a good pain reliever,” Mcallister of Marisol Therapeutics predicted.

As legal cannabis gains momentum, we will likely see many more partnerships between the industry and celebrity endorsements. This will undoubtedly provide plenty of interesting opportunities for culture and industry pairing, and will be part of an exciting new era.