A good amount of families are making super strength tinctures with high dosages of CBD and THC combinations.  While attending the Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino California in February, I found candies with 500mg THC/1,000 CBD that were the size sucker.  I also stumbled across caramels that had 1,000 mg THC that were the size of a single Twix bar.  How are they making these crazy dosages accurately and who are they making them for do you ask?.?.?

In order to achieve such a high dosage of THC you must use a game of concentration.  The first stages of cannabis concentrates were those made of the Rich Simpson Oil philosophy, Naptha and cook it off the solvent.  This lead to meth lab looking backyard cook offs turned explosions and gave a bad rap to the concentrate market.  Some of the folks have even been thrown in prison for life because these concentrates were scheduled class 1 narcotic in their state.  Through legalization in states across the US the procedure has become not only more refined with closed loop CO2 extraction machines but the awareness of the what this can do for those who cannot inhale flowers and don’t want to eat large sugary edibles.

Some of these waxs, shatters, crumbles and such were registering at 86%-94%THC/g.  Some have been decarboxylated and some have not.  In order to get this into your recipe simply follow the recipe for Olive Oil on the site.


  • 1    cup   Olive Oil
  • 8g   co2 concentrate  @90%THC
  •  1 cup                     = 8 fl oz
  •  8 fl. Oz                  = 16 Tbsp
  •  8g * 900mg         = 7200/mgTHC               
  •  7200mg/ 16T      = 450mgTHC/Tbsp