Misinformation and assumptions about marijuana or cannabis are all over, so if you were someone looking to use it yourself for medical purposes, you might be into a maze of confusion right now. Well, you are not to blame, as the public’s opinion, legislation authorities and medical experts are divided on the matter, but what’s the truth? Come on in and be enlightened by reading this post to answer your mind questions once and for all.

Myth & Fact #1

Marijuana use would cause high volumes of accidents and carnage in the highways of the United States. You might have heard of this myth, but it’s not true; in fact, studies have showed people who were under the marijuana influence and have met road accidents, have the same accidents people who were intoxicated with alcohol and have met high way accidents, too.  In further studies, marijuana users have much lower accident rates than alcohol drinkers. 

To give you a better idea on this matter, those under the influence of alcohol actually drive faster than those under the marijuana spell meaning legalizing marijuana could actually save lives as people under it drive slower than those under the influence of alcohol. Why? Marijuana actually makes one more aware of his surroundings making him attentive to things around him.

Myth & Fact #2

Cannabis is highly addictive! Again, this isn’t true because only one percent of the marijuana smoking population use it on a daily basis and the remaining only on an occasional basis.  Therefore, only a small amount of the user population is turning to depending on the drug for use regularly.  Here’s another fact to know: Did you know that tobacco actually has high rate, in terms of addiction, with about 90 percent as compared to addiction associated in marijuana use?

In fact, studies revealed that caffeine in coffee is even more addictive than the compounds in cannabis. More so, nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol are even as addicting as cocaine and heroin and that marijuana is actually one of the least, if ever, habit-forming type of drugs out there!  Finally, people who desire to withdraw on marijuana can stop without experiencing much difficulty as compared to withdrawing from cocaine, alcohol and other types of drugs.

Myth & Fact #3

Today, more people believe that marijuana is harmful (and dangerous) than those in the 60s and 70s. Not true! In fact, a review conducted by the National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse revealed that even though cannabis is not 100 percent safe, the dangers, which people are made believed into, were so overstated and not even half of those claims on danger is TRUE (1972). To back this up, the researchers and editors at the British Medical Journal “Lancet” has concluded that cannabis smoking EVEN LONG-TERM is not health harmful.

Well, myths and facts surrounding medical marijuana and its uses do not end on this list, but at least an overview of the false claims by the opponents of marijuana. By looking into the myths and facts, you will be able to judge and figure out (and maybe change your mind) about what you were told to believe, upon careful analysis that marijuana benefits outweigh any possible dangers it was known for.