One of the greatest advantages of getting to know your farmer is getting to know his “trimmings.”  A lot of the times in the trim room the crew will trim over bins that will collect and spin the “daze catch” of leaves, small buds and such.  What is left over after these have been spun is essentially pollen from the plant called Kief.

The advantage of cooking with Kief instead of whole plant material is you will find less of a marijuana flavor in the baked goods and a very potent THC punch from the trichome structure. I am going to skip a step here and probably throw you off a bit.  We are going to decarboxylate the kief in the fat with the use of an induction burner and a thermometer.

You should take note that butter would not be a great substitute for this application as we will be bringing the fat to 240 degrees for 2 hours.  You would have the biggest fat fire in your kitchen if you tried to use butter here.  212 (water based) stuff boils, over 212 (water based) stuff boils over. Fire.

What I love about an induction burner is that it is a set it and forget it type of deal. Place your pot on the induction burner top, turn to 240 degrees, set time for 2 hours, add melted fat, kief and cover.  Whola we are already on to the math part of today.

Kief is more than double in potency than whole plant marijuana.  You will commonly find it called blondie, white hash and double 0 as it was called in the 60’2 and 70’s and soaring into the HIGH 50’s in THC %.  Kief will vary between 40%-60% THC.  Grab your pencil its math lesson 4.20.

**we will assume a Kief potency of 50%THC/g in this infused Coconut Oil Recipe and the shake with the traditional case potency of 20%THC/g so you can see the benefits of the potency of the pollen in comparison to that of trim.


- 8 oz coconut oil

- 8 g kief (or 16g shake)

                8g @ 50%THC     = 4,000mg

                8 fl oz                = 16T

                4,000mg/16        = 250mg/Tbsp  ßLook at that dosage!!


- 8 oz coconut oil

- 16g shake

                16g @ 20% THC = 3,200

                8 fl. Oz              = 16T

                3,200mg/16        = 200mg/Tbsp   ß 50mgs lower and twice weight