You can have the dankest nuggets in the world but if you haven’t turned on the THC you might as well just eat your greenbacks one by one.  In order to feel the psychoactive effects from marijuana you must first remove the carbon molecule from the plant material.  We are going to go over the basics here, we aren’t going to get into a debate between solvents, mediums, etc. 

You will hear some offensive language when read this, meaning I will use the word fat when talking about the ingredients used to extract the THC and CBD out of marijuana.  The funny thing about this is if you try to use margarine as a medium for extraction the process does not work.  Even plants want real fat, so should you.

When choosing your fat you must consider what the end purpose is.  Are you looking to make DABstick (coconut oil) for the winter months or are you looking to make a vinaigrette (olive oil) for a fresh green salad during the summer?   One thing to keep in mind is the absorption spectrum of the fat that you are using for extraction.  I can tell you that butter isn’t always the best option and if you aren’t using salted grassfed butter then you are now.  Salt is a magical thing for cannabis and will with go into the Salt of the Worth after we break down decarboxylating marijuana to make infused dairy. 

Assuming you have a consistent stash of whole plant trim we will continue with the 20% easiness of math theory.  Adjust your numbers accordingly, however keep this recipe the same.

- 1           qt            cream

- 1           oz marijuana trim (or 14 g kief)

- 2           Cups      ½ and ½


Let’s turn on sweet sweet Mary Jane.  To start the decarboxylation process preheat your oven on BAKE 250.  Take your cannabis and spread it out on a cookie sheet or if only doing an ounce use a 9 by 9 brownie pan.  Fitting isn’t it!   Your next step is to wrap plastic wrap over the top and around the sides, followed by aluminum foil.  Yes plastic wrap*. Toss in the oven for 35-50 minutes depending size of buds.  You will want to see it turn from a beautiful sweet kushy green to a dingy downtown brown look.  Smash it between two books and show it to your Dad, he’ll say “yeah that’s the GOOD STUFF from back when.”

While your cannabis is getting turned on get your fat into the crockPOT or whatever vessel you choose.  You will only have to keep your CannaCream at 200 degrees for an hour after the decarboxylating process because your sweet sweet Mary Jane has had proper 420play.  A common myth is that you have to keep it at a rolling boil for “ as long as possible “ to make it more powerful.  Not true at all. The more aggressive the temperature the more CNB produced, which means sleepy time for all.

*In the restaurant business we use this same process when roasting beets, rutabagas and cannabis for preshift.  

Math time:

                6              cups      fat, crockpot 200 one hour

                1              oz           cannabis, decarbed


                1 oz @ 20%THC = 5600mg

                1 c = 8oz * 6c      = 48 fl oz


                5600 / 48              =117g/fl oz

                117 / 2                   = 58g/Tbsp