After a long battle over the legalization of marijuana, the Jamaican cabinet and finally give up to the demands. Yes, that is right! The country cabinet is now considering legalizing marijuana possession.

This comes as relief to the Rastafarian community, which uses marijuana for religious purposes. The community has long smoked weed as a part of their culture, religion. However, they always faced legal hassles, arrests, etc. if caught with marijuana. The following legalization would now allow them to smoke weed legally.

The bill, which will go to the senate this week, will also envisage how cannabis would be cultivated, grown and sold across the country – for both medical and therapeutic purposes.

The legislation also proposes that public smoking of pot should be banned. Experts observe the said proposal is to limit marijuana usage to medical purposes.

Decriminalization of Marijuana is Spreading

One after the other, several South and Central America and some Caribbean Countries have been long struggling with the effects of drug trafficking, use for a long, long time. And legalization hopes to reduce the illegal transportation of drugs across countries.

BBC’s Candace Piette – after an extensive study on drug trafficking and efforts made by countries to tackle it – says that majority of the efforts by the governments have failed. All their initiatives simply couldn’t stop the illegal use of the drugs. Thus countries are gradually taking the decriminalization route to deal with it.

State of marijuana legalization in other countries of the region:

     1. In Mexico, Argentina and Columbia, marijuana possession has already been legalized few years ago. Argentina is currently working on a proposal to even loosen the current restrictions on weed possession

     2. Costa Rica is planning on bringing-in new medical marijuana laws. Same is the case with Chile

     3. Uruguay has already approved the growth, sale, distribution of weed, becoming the first country in the world to do so

This is appearing to be a new chapter Jamaican marijuana industry. While some are hailing the decision, others are still cautious about it. Regardless, the future of medical marijuana in the country looks to be bright!