The Cannabis plant is popular name as known by Hemp. If you have been liberally using it to represent Cannabis in general, it means you are most likely marijuana.

It’s time to take a look at the differences between hemp and marijuana and there are quite a few. We look at some of them here.

The Origins

Both hemp and marijuana differ in their origins and genetics. Earlier civilizations continued to grow sturdy and tall Cannabis plants for making textiles, oils as well as fabrics and ropes. These were known as hemp. Similarly, there was another distinct type that was specifically cultivated for religious as well as medical purposes.

The Cannabis Sativa Plant - Weed Depot.jpg

The Cannabis Satvia Plant

These unique varieties were known as marijuana. According to experts, the genetic parentage as well as the environment for cultivation was both different. The two different genetic types were known as Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica that gave rise to Marijuana and Hemp respectively. 

The Concentration of THC and CBD

THC is the key ingredient of marijuana. It is the ingredient that causes the high. Marijuana plants are known for their high levels of THC whereas hemp contains very little of it. This is the most relevant difference between the two variants that sets them apart. For instance, in a country like Canada, the maximum limit for THC content in hemp is 0.3%. Any Cannabis strain with more THC is considered marijuana. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, could contain THC levels between 5 to 20%. Prize strains may contain levels that are even higher.

Another distinguishing factor is the concentration of CBD. Hemp scores here by producing more of CBD as compared to marijuana. Interestingly, CBD is known to counter the psychoactive effects or the so called highs created by marijuana.

The Cultivation Procedure

Selective breeding of medical cannabis has been practiced through the years. Primarily, female plants are reared which yields flowers and buds. However, when it comes to hemp cultivation, the plants are predominantly male. So no flowering buds are observed. Besides, specific nature of selective breeding has resulting in depleting levels of THC in hemp.

Hemp CUltivation Project - Weed Depot.jpg

A Hemp Cultivation Project in England

Cultivating marijuana is all about enhancing the levels of THC as much as possible and this requires close attention. Growers need to maintain temperature, humidity, stable lighting conditions as well as the right oxygen and co2 levels for elevating the concentration of THC in certain breeds. Hemp cultivation is much easier and does not require much attention. Generally, outdoor cultivation is practiced. 

It is Always Marijuana for Cooking Purposes

When you wish to add weed to your regular recipe, the aim to achieve that coveted high or the needed kick. And, this would be hardly achievable from hemp owing to the low concentration of THC in the compound. In most cases, standard marijuana variants are used with about 10% THC content.

You can extract this by using oil extraction and butter extraction methods and add it to your recipe, as desired. Each gram of marijuana contains 1000mg of THC by weight.