Although some states have not approved the legal use of marijuana, for some states that does, one of the hurdles that must be surpassed is marketing the substance to consumers.

In Colorado, one of the states that allow consumption of marijuana recreationally and medically, there is a slow but steady shift from traditional methods of consuming marijuana to other ways. This means that users are no longer just smoking it. Another way of consuming pot is through edibles, or food infused with the substance. We are all familiar of “pot brownies,” which is often served in parties. The effect of ingesting marijuana through edibles is different from smoking it. This is because the drug is slower to take effect, but lasts much longer. Thus, users feel “high” for quite some time.

Just like any other product, packaging is very important for edibles, especially for novice consumers and parents. First, a solid edible should contain no more than 10 milligrams of THC per serving size. THC is the psychoactive drug that makes users high. Although there are very rare cases of marijuana overdose, the effect of marijuana may last for hours as mentioned above.

Packaging of all edibles should be child-resistant and with the all of the necessary information and serving marked on the container. It is of vital importance to prevent children from gaining access to the edibles and getting stoned.

Meanwhile, in order to reinforce the shift, Colorado is implementing new labeling rules and regulations that ensure edibles are clearly marked. This prompted dispensaries to have their own gimmicks and are making new packaging more attractive to buyers.

California-based distributor of medical marijuana called Auntie Dolores uses modern sophisticated logos and packaging to further establish the brand. The appearance is equally important with the quality of the product.

Not only the packaging changed in the scene, but as well as the overall ambiance of dispensaries and private clubs where one can enjoy a joint of marijuana. Previously, these establishments are far from appealing. This is mainly because marijuana is perceived negatively in the society and sources will have to lay low in order to be accepted in the neighborhood. However, the booming cannabis industry, the interiors of the stores drastically changed. Most dispensaries now look like the insides of an Apple Stores or Starbucks.

Former Microsoft executive turned marijuana advocate Jamen Shively once dreamed to have Starbucks-like stores where users can savor and enjoy various strains of marijuana. Shively said that the legalization of marijuana should allow customers to fully enjoy the substance like a fine cigar or a premium chocolate.

A new medical marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado called “Kind of Love” is a place catering mostly to professional and female clients. The interiors boast leather lounges and artworks from local artists. The dispensary looks like a spa or a Starbucks-like café.

Aside from packaging and interior designs of stores, deals are also an effective way to attract customers. Who does not want a discount when buying their weed? A price cut means more in quantity. In stores, strains of marijuana with higher THC are usually more expensive than those with higher CBD content. Believe it or not, some dispensaries are offering Black Friday deals to offer great deals to consumers.