Infused Salves 

 Although these are technically for treating aches and pains, infused salves are great for enhancing pleasure as well. They don’t work exactly like the products that are meant to be used directly on sexual organs, like the oil we talk about below, but they still make your body feel good and tingly, and more sensitive during intercourse. Using an infused salve or lotion to moisturize after the shower is the perfect way to gear up for a night in bed.


Giant Joints 

The huge joints that are sold as pre-rolls in dispensaries are too large to be enjoyed by yourself, but they are perfect for you and your significant other to share. The best way to get stoned with your love is to just hang out and share a big joint of your favorite bud. They will put you in the mood and bring you closer together.


THC-Infused Oil 

 The most popular way to use cannabis for sex is with  infused oils. These products make it possible to combine sex and marijuana in the most intimate ways. This is an oil that you can use both internally and externally on your genitals for actual sexual stimulation. This can be extremely helpful for improving sensation, enhancing pleasure, and creating an unforgettable experience.


Single-Dose Edibles

 Sometimes, taking a large amount of edibles can knock you out or give you couch lock, which is the opposite of what you want for an intimate night in. To counteract this, be sure to just take a small dose of edibles. Stick with a single serving, and this will be the perfect amount to get you and your partner in the mood for love.


Canna Drinks

 Just like the single-dose edibles, mixing in a bit of infused drink with sprite or seltzer water will make you a tasty elixir that gets you in the mood for sex. Try this if you are used to having a drink before sex, but want to cut out drinking or nix the nasty hangover in the morning.