As we can all see, the cannabis community is growing more and more with each passing year, as their population increases. Many people, the ones who do not have open minds regarding the cultivation and consumption of cannabis still find it absurd that there are people who actually fight for their freedom to use cannabis and products of cannabis. Still, the cannabis community remains strong and intact, as they continue to promote their advocacies with the aim of eventually achieving what they have been trying to fight for. But who are the people behind the cannabis community? Who are the people that make it up?


One of the biggest portions of the cannabis community is made up of cannabis consumers. Obviously, they are the ones who purchase cannabis and actually consume it. They may buy and use cannabis for different reasons. However, most people use it for recreational purposes. In countries such as the Netherlands, where it is completely legal for people to produce, possess and consume cannabis, you will even see coffee shops offering cannabis in different forms. But most of the time, they are offered as treats or desserts. In these public places, too, they allow marijuana smoking.

Cultivators, Product Manufacturers and Dealers

The cannabis community is also composed of product manufacturers, dealers and cultivators. Cultivators or the farmers, indeed, play the biggest roles within the community and that is due to the reason that without them, there will be no cannabis plants for dealers and product manufacturers to take profit from. Product manufacturers, on the other hand, are the ones that come up with various products containing cannabis and even products which can serve as paraphernalia when consuming cannabis. Lastly, dealers, obviously, are the ones who sell cannabis directly to the consumers.


Activists, on the other hand, are the ones who fight for the right of the people to freely cultivate, produce and consume cannabis. They are the one who go on the streets and make efforts to explain to the government and open the minds of other people regarding the benefits of cannabis. Be it that you are a consumer, a cultivator, a product manufacturer or a dealer of cannabis, you can become an activist. They are the ones, too, who do their best to push for the legalization of cannabis in the states or areas where they live in. In the US, states such as Oregon and Colorado have already achieved their freedom to cultivate, produce, sell and consume cannabis – be it for recreational purposes or for reasons of medication.

Indeed, the cannabis community is composed of so many people who are working hand in hand to respond to the needs of each other. Every member of the community has a different role. On the other hand, what they all have in common is the open mind they have regarding the benefits they can get from cannabis and those are primarily what activists have always been fighting for, especially in states where cannabis is still illegal.