With more states like Colorado legalizing marijuana, there has been a significant increase in the number of patients seeking their own medical marijuana identification cards. Getting a medical marijuana card would not only provide you with greater access to medical pot but would also save you ton lot of money when compared to getting it from the streets.

Plus, you can also have the right prescription based marijuana that can help you cure the diseases. But the question is – how do you get a medical marijuana card?

Listed below are few steps that you can take to get your medical marijuana card:

The first step is to know if your medical condition is covered under medical marijuana guidelines. There are certain kinds of diseases for which you can avail a medical marijuana card. So, you can check your state’s listing to see if you’re covered.

Other steps involve knowing the register system that would allow law enforcement authorities to know if you qualify for getting the drug. Then learning how much access you could get based on your medical condition.

After understanding these preliminary steps, you can begin the process of acquiring your ID Card. Here’s a list of steps you need to take:

1.    Get your proof of county residency and government identification card

In order to get the ID card, you first need to get any of your government identification cards such as driver’s license, passport or social security card. Patients below 18 years of age will have to get their birth certificate and consent letter from their parents or legal guardians.

 2.    Recommendation letter from the doctor

Another critical requirement to get a medical marijuana ID card is to get the recommendation letter from the doctor. In some cases, your doctor must provide a recommendation letter stating about your condition and the need to use medical cannabis for the treatment. This is done with a medical record form that your physician will have to fill out.

This will assure the authorities that you are a legit medical marijuana patient. This is also to ensure that individuals with no medical requirement get access to marijuana.

 3.    Fill out the application form

After letting the letter from the physician, you can now get the medical marijuana ID card form from your state authorities. Fill out the form and submit it along with the fee. In most states, where marijuana is legal, the fee for medical marijuana ID ranges between $100 - $250. The fee goes to both state and the county.

 4.    Submit the form

Once the form is filled and the documents are ready, it is now time to submit it. While some states allow complete online submission, other states ask for hardcopies. So might have to visit a nearby county health department to learn more about the procedure.

From the day, the form is submitted it could approximately 10-45 business days, depending on the state. Arizona, for example, allots the ID cards in just 10 days. For card holders it is mandatory to display their ID cards to get medical marijuana, so remember to carry it with you whenever you visit the dispensary.