If you were interested of growing marijuana in your garden for medical purposes, then you may be making a good move, as such will save you money. But saying that does not mean you have to put pressure on your shoulders, as growing it is not that tricky.  To believe, check out this post and see ways on how to harvest marijuana so easily in your backyard.

Easy Tips For Marijuana Cultivation

  1. Check on the southern exposure, a very important aspect of finding a good spot where you can expect to harvest more cannabis meaning you have to find a place where there are no hills or buildings to block sunlight from getting into your plants.
  2. You don’t have to buy expensive soil, a misconception of many; instead, look for fertile soil; otherwise, find a landscape company to buy soil, but make sure that you have good drainage, too. Another alternative is to feed your plants with fertilizer in order to boost your soil potential.
  3. Another top tip in growing cannabis is to plan for security meaning you should fence your plants in to keep them away and out of sight of people and animals. In this case, you may consider building a slightly taller fence so that the marijuana plants do not peak over because their visibility is sure to grab some attention.
  4. If you are looking to plant your cannabis outside, wait until it is the third week of May because the long nights during the early spring could induce early flowering. Therefore, don’t move your plants outside if you have started with them inside. For the seeds, you can start with them in the last week of March or April.
  5. Make larger holes for larger plants, so be sure to choose the beds or bags wisely and dig big, big holes into them because there can be wider area for the roots to expand and produce a healthier plant. Again, dig big and deep holes to give your plants more room to grow.
  6. In case you don’t know yet, marijuana plants require a lot of water. More water means bigger plants for you, but you should have a good drainage, too.


See? Growing marijuana should not be that hard! In fact, you can really grow some healthy plants right in your garden, but just make sure to follow these tips. Happy cannabis planting!