How to Make your Budtender Happy


Everyone loves their budtender! They have the same appeal that the beloved bartenders had back in the days when Cheers was still on the air. Your budtender is there to make you happy, to make all your cannabis dreams come true, so make sure to show them some love. Here are some ways to keep your budtender feeling appreciated, so they keep doling out the good stuff.


Be Transparent with Your Budtender.


Medthrive thinks it’s a good idea to be transparent with your budtender. Don’t worry; it’s fine if you know nothing about cannabis or what certain strains or types do. But let them know what you want. Are you looking to eat it or smoke it? Do you have medical issues, or is this just for fun? What effects are you looking for? Answering these questions will make it easier to serve you.


Follow the Rules


Budtenders will get fired, and stores will shut down if rules aren’t followed. It may be tempting to beg to be able to get into a dispensary when you forgot your I.D. because of how much you want that preroll or to try and buy more than you are legally allowed, but it isn’t worth anyone’s job or livelihood to let you do that. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be successful as a customer.


Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions


It may be awkward to ask certain questions when you’re shopping, but the answers can help you get what you want. Let your budtender know if you’re looking for something that helps your sex life, or if you’re having stomach pains. Have a Heart Dispensary points out that the more honest you are, the more likely you are to get what you want.


Tip, Tip, Tip!


Yes, it is polite and expected to tip your budtender. Sure, if you go to the same place every day and get an 8th on the fly, they will understand if you don’t tip every single time. But if you are a tourist asking a million questions or a shopper with specific needs, it is nice to be able to give them a little something for their troubles. The same rules apply as going out to eat or out for drinks. If you absolutely can’t swing even an extra dollar or some loose change for a tip, rethink if you should be spending your money on cannabis at this time.


Let them be the Experts


Sure, maybe you grow, work at another dispensary, or just generally consider yourself a cannabis expert. But coming into a dispensary and acting like you know more than everyone else is a bit like going to a restaurant and showing off how much more you know about food than the chef. It may be true, but it’s not nice. If it’s their domain, listen to what they have to say and let them be the experts.