How to Tell the Difference between Indica and Sativa Cannabis

You hear a lot about indicas and sativas in the world of cannabis, but what does it all mean, and how can you tell which is which? As a general rule, indicas are downers that help you relax and chill, while sativas are uppers that can help with creativity or add to your fun on a night or day out. Now that legal marijuana is here in a lot of states, marijuana dispensaries will offer both choices of strains when trying to make a sale. Here are a couple tips for telling them apart.


According to High Times, you can tell the difference between the two plants by looking at the buds. Sativa buds will be taller and thinner, while indica buds look short and chubby. This will help you in a pinch if you know you favor indicas but are being offered choices without knowing what is what.


High Times also reports that you can use color difference as a way to tell indica from sativa cannabis. Sativas often look blue or purple because they grow better in humidity and have developed those traits. If you see those distinctly purple buds, it is probably an indica.


Herb also reports that you can tell the difference by smelling. Indicas tend to have a very strong smell, while sativas have a sweeter, lighter aroma. Once you get used to the smell of the two kinds of buds, it can be quite simple to tell them apart.



Now you know a few quick and easy tips to tell your indicas from your sativas. We hope this helps next time you're shopping!