How To Tell the Person You’re Dating that You Smoke Weed
For many, smoking pot is just a daily activity that helps keep them calm and relaxed, or helps stimulate appetite and improve mood. For others, it is actually used medically to treat a disease or disorder. But for others, the idea of smoking cannabis is foreign and frightening. It’s important to be up front about your cannabis use with someone you’re dating, especially if cannabis is an important part of your life that you aren’t willing to give up, even for someone special. Here is how you can tell the person you’re involved with that you smoke.
If You’re Online Dating, Put it On Your Profile 
You can skip the entire uncomfortable conversation by updating your online profile to reflect that you smoke a little pot here and there. There is lots of frivolous debate on the Plenty of Fish forum about this topic, but one thing that most can seem to agree on is that it is always a good idea to be up front. Most online dating sites allow for profiles to express that not only do you smoke cannabis, you are OK with attracting interested stoners, as well.
Ask Your Significant Other if She, He, or They Smokes
it’s also a good idea to open up the conversation with a simple two-way question. Herb suggests that simply asking your significant other if he, she or they smoke can be a good way to 
bring up the conversation. You can bring it up on a serious note when bonding and talking about shared interests or medical issues, or you can ask a joking question if you’re just hanging out and having fun. Either way, letting them speak first lets them know that you value what they have to offer the conversation, and it also lets you know how they feel about it first. 
Just Be Honest and Explain Yourself
The main worry when telling a significant other that you smoke is simply that the person in question won’t relate to what you say and will jump to conclusions about you. If you are honest and open with the person you care about, usually they will understand. Tell them that you use cannabis because it helps a medical condition if that’s the case. Even if you smoke recreationally, let them know some facts about how cannabis isn’t dangerous and how it helps with a positive mindset and relaxation. 
All in all, just tell your significant other what you feel about cannabis and your use, and usually, he, she or they will understand. However, bear in mind that if your partner is imposing harsh ultimatums on your life about not using cannabis, make sure they have a really good reason. Otherwise, that could be considered red flag behavior.