Preparing weed based recipes is a great deal of fun. You can add this magic potion to your regular recipes and expect a grand culinary experience. Having said that, using marijuana in your recipe may not be as simple as you might think.

It is not just about crushing the weed and folding it into your baking batter. There are some set methods to be followed here:

Why Can’t You Add Marijuana Directly to Your Recipe?

Well, the key ingredient in weed is THC or Tetrahydrocannibol. This is the chemical compound responsible for elevating you to the heights of relaxation and ecstasy. However, when you add weed directly to the recipe components, the digestive system is unable to process THC and throws it out of the system immediately. The result is, you do not achieve the desired impact or anything even remotely close to it.

This THC needs to be extracted first and then added to your desired preparation. And, since it is a fat soluble component, you need to extract it in either oil or butter. In most cases, Cannabis butter is prepared by extracting THC in regular salted butter and the resultant mix is used in recipes.

Alternatively, Cannabis oils can also be prepared from olive oil or coconut oil, depending upon your preferences and the kind of recipe you are preparing.

Cannaoil - Weed depot.jpg

Cannaoil can be prepared from weed mix and any virgin olive oil base.

Adding the Right Amount

To start with, it is important to understand that smoking marijuana and consuming a weed Brownie is not one and the same thing. Eating marijuana preparations always has a stronger impact that tends to last through for longer. So, even if you are a seasoned smoker of weed, you still need to be cautious about the amount of weed you should add to your recipe. In order to determine the correct strength you will need to determine the concentration of THC in the variant of weed you are using.

Normally, the average concentration is considered to be 10%. The strongest ones contain about 21% whereas the regular ones would have about 15 to 20%. However, if the strength is not mentioned, you can consider a standard value of 10%. Considering that every gram of weed would possess about 1000mg in dry weight of THC, 10% strength would mean a THC of about 100mg. In most cases, 5mg of THC per serving is considered safe for consumption. Therefore, your portions would also have to be decided accordingly.

However, servings as small as 2.5 mg could also be considered if you are just starting off with marijuana. You can work up on the strength as you start getting more and more used to it.

classic cannabis cookies - Weed Depot.jpg

Consider planning cookie sizes depending on the THC per serving amount you are comfortable with.

What to Expect from Your Favorite Marijuana Based Preparation?

Well, the impact could well take 30 minutes or even a couple of hours to show. So, never munch on extra portion simply because you do not feel an impact even after an hour of consumption. It is important to be patient. Remember, consuming marijuana based food in excess could cause serious discomfort.