Weed lovers across the world are in for interesting times. It’s as if governments across the world are beginning to relook their laws with respect to weed after considering Carl Sagan’s words, “The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.”

Let’s take a look at regions where weed consumption is legal and then some where it is ostensibly illegal but authorities look the other way. Beautiful places where cannabis is not a drug, only a plant.


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While possession of weed is illegal in all African nations, there are still two countries where pot lovers can get lucky, because of lenient authorities – Mozambique and Malawi.

  • Mozambique - In Mozambique, users are usually let off with a token fine and a “stern” warning to take their love for weed to a private place.

  • Malawi - Malawi is home to what weed connoisseurs consider to be one of the finest strains of sativa – Chamba or Malawi Gold. Nkhotakota, in Malawi, is where the knowledgeable tourist heads to for contemplative puffs of quality weed that grows wild across large tracts in the country.    


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Yet another continent where unfortunately the powers that be are still not evolved enough to comprehend the strong bond that man and plant share. And to think that weed spread across the world from Asia. Countries such as India, China and Japan have traditions of weed use that date back millennia and more.

  • India – Weed is intricately woven into the cultural fiber of India. Bhang, a preparation made from cannabis, is consumed freely, especially during the festival of Holi. The sale of cannabis is legal in many states, where you can purchase your daily requirement from government-authorized shops. These states include Bihar, Rajasthan, and Orissa.

  • Cambodia – Though not legal, weed can be easily procured here and it’s cheap. Cannabis is enjoyed by the local Khmer people; they are allowed to grow a few plants for personal consumption. And they don’t mind sharing it with tourists.


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Europe has a good number of weed-friendly countries that pot lovers can travel to.

  • Spain – You can legally enjoy weed in a private place and also cultivate the plant so long as it is for personal and recreational use.

  • Belgium – An individual is allowed to cultivate no more than one plant.  Possession of up to three grams of cannabis is tolerated by the authorities so long as you are not making a nuisance of yourself.

  • The Netherlands – Famous for its very liberal policy on weed consumption, Dutch law allows possession of up to five grams of weed. You can raise no more than five cannabis plants at home. Adults can easily procure weed from coffeeshops in the Netherlands. And while these coffeeshops are legally supposed to sell the stuff only to locals and not to visitors, the rule is not very strictly enforced.

  • Portugal – While the possession of cannabis is not going to land you in jail here, it may earn you a visit to a counselor or a rehabilitation center. Unlike the Netherlands, there are no coffeeshops selling weed for recreational purposes here. Instead, you can purchase quantities good for up to ten days’ medicinal use.

  • Czech Republic – Another place where cultivation and possession of grass may not be legal, but it is not a criminal offence. The government takes a lenient view of possession of up to 15 grams of dried grass and the cultivation of up to five plants. A small increase over these limits may see you charged with a misdemeanor.


South America

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South American countries are witnessing a legal and societal change in how weed consumption, particularly for personal use is viewed. The trend is towards letting individuals make personal lifestyle choices without the threat of persecution.

  • Colombia – You can legally smoke a joint in Colombia without the fear of the law breathing down your neck. Spanish speaking tourists are at an obvious advantage over other travelers, it’s easier for them to locate the spots where ganja can be easily procured. Locals can possess up to 22 grams for personal consumption and are allowed to grow up to 20 plants.

  • Uruguay – Possession of weed for personal consumption does not invite legal action. The only problem is that the law does not specify the amount that constitutes “personal consumption”. You can grow six flowering plants each year.

  • Venezuela – Possession of up to 20 grams of weed for personal or medicinal use will invite punishment.

  • Peru – Locals who ensure that at any time they have less than 8 grams of weed in their pockets are safe from the law, not as rosy a scenario as in some of the other countries in South America, but still better than what it is in a number of other South American countries.

  • Chile – You can smoke weed in private places and grow it for personal consumption. Locals are legally allowed to carry less than 7.5 grams on their person.