Blindness prevention could be one of the most helpful benefits of cannabis, and that you should know about if you have glaucoma, an eye disorder which is suffered for by millions of people from around the world. Come on in and let’s discuss this further.


Glaucoma: World’s Leading Cause of Blindness

Among the top causes of lost of eyesight or blindness, glaucoma may be occupying the top, and according to studies, more than 60 million patients are suffering from. This is because of the damage in the optic nerve that results from it due to the intraocular pressure it makes. To turn this around and to give hope to patients, studies suggest that glaucoma may be the solution in stopping the optic nerve damage of glaucoma.

Collectively a name for a multitude of eye disorders, glaucoma is known to be one of the main causes of optic nerve degeneration that leads to blindness, although its onset symptoms may be unnoticeable.


Medical Marijuana vs. Glaucoma

The main benefit of marijuana against blindness is that it can reduce the intraocular pressure among the patients. It has been found in a research that there are over than 80 percent of the patients, who have smoked marijuana, using a water pipe cooled in ice, experienced an IOP reduction in a range between 16 and 45 percent. To back this up, another study concluded that the use of cannabinoids found in medical marijuana caused a dramatic reduction of IOP among the patients who consumed cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol. Not only that they reduce IOP, but they, overall, lower their blood pressure.

If you were suffering from glaucoma and were looking for cure, then marijuana may be a promising cure you have been looking for; however, you should talk about this medical option with your ophthalmologist, as to whether you can use cannabis in combination with your existing treatment with glaucoma. If given the go signal, you may have an effective plan for treatment and that you can prevent any eye surgery in the future.

A word of caution, though, you should also consult your federal and state laws about using marijuana, as the same is not yet approved and legal across states. Therefore, you must educate yourself about related legislation as well as talk and discuss things with your ophthalmologist for your safety.

Nevertheless, treating glaucoma is one of the most promising discoveries of this time, but use of such should not be done without your eye doctor’s advice and guidance. Current studies are underway to prove and finalize findings about the treatment possibilities offered by cannabis on glaucoma, and that you should keep yourself updated with.