As compared to tobacco smoking, experts reveal how marijuana is better than smoking it. You might be on your raised eyebrows by now, but that’s normal as both substances coming from them may seem not to have any difference. But do check this out and be enlightened.

Did You Know?

According to studies, cannabis may reduce the carcinogenic effects that people get from tobacco and that may be helpful in improving lung health. Yes, this is one of the latest findings revealed in a journal published by the American Medical Association, January 2012.

In fact, marijuana does not impair lung functions, as tobacco does. Of course, moderation may be the key and discipline all the same.  Experts from AMA revealed how cannabis can increase lung capacity, too, and so it goes without saying that it may be better smoking marijuana. According to the same study that tested and experimented on 5,115 adults in a span of two decades. 

Within this period, those who have been smoking tobacco have lost their lung function, but those who have been smoking pot showed an improved lung capacity. According to some sources, the increased lung capacity may be due to the deeper breaths while inhaling pots, especially for using vaporizers.

Speaking of vaporizers which may be far more expensive than a bong, there are some reasons it may be better to use for people using marijuana against diseases.  This is one of the options that can be chosen by medical marijuana patients because some research suggests that it can be better to use. In fact, most doctors believe that vaporizers may be a better way of consuming marijuana, and for such, there are plenty of models to choose from.

Vaporizing may be less harmful to the lungs because such can eliminate harmful toxins due to burning, as what is done by many people. Burning emits many of the same harmful substances emitted by tobacco smoking. In fact, the experts revealed that burning may create more than 100 toxins.

By vaporizing, patients can heat the cannabis in a warm enough temperature to cause evaporation of the active substances, but not too hot to cause burning. In the process, the people who vaporize cannabis may keep themselves out of trouble from the toxins produced by burning.

Either way, vaporizing or smoking cannabis for health, should be consulted from a doctor for correct dosing and instructions and should be in compliance with existing federal or state laws, where you are living.