In a new study, experts revealed how cannabis may actually reduce or slow down the growth of cancer tumors, and eventually prevent them from spreading in the body. But that, of course, is still debated on.

What Studies Revealed About Marijuana and Cancer Treatment

According to a research, tumors of humans in mice were given high doses of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, and discovered the two particular cell receptors, which are linked to the anti-tumor response of the body.  In addition to these findings, the same study revealed that by giving THC to mice with tumors from humans, they went into autophagy, decreasing the growth of tumors. These and all were discovered by the study co-led by the UK’s University of Anglia and Complutense University, much of which are associated with THC’s ability of slowing down the growth of cancer tumors, although studies were conducted using animal models.

The study used human breast cancer cells samples and induced such in mice models.  They discovered that THC in marijuana were responsible for helping in decreasing the growth of tumors in the mice’s body due to its ability of working with two cell receptors with anti-tumor response.

Dr. Peter McCormick of the UEA's School of Pharmacy said that this major component of marijuana, THC, has, alone, an anticancer property, which can work with a particular group of cell receptors known as cannabinoid receptors. He added that the effects are mediated through the combined interaction of the GPR55 and CB2, the two components of the cannabinoid groups of receptors. Sad news is that they failed finding out which between the two receptors contain more potent power against tumor growth.

To back this study up, a UK scientist found that some compounds taken from marijuana can actually kill some cancer cells in people with leukemia, a type of cancer causing thousands of deaths in the US every year. According to an oncologist at the St. George's University of London Dr. Wai Liu, cannabinoids caused a complex body reaction and that it hits several processes cancer need to survive. He added that the drug, when used to fight cancer and with other treatments such as chemotherapy, can have its great potential and help among patients.

Although studies are in their preliminary stages and that not finalized, it cannot be doubted that cannabis may have its say in saving the lives of thousands of people who die of cancer yearly.