Is it about the time to educate the public about medical marijuana? The talks, debates and studies surrounding the matter have been going on for years, but until now, of course, as it will always be, there are proponents and opponents on the issue. Which side are you taking? Do you think that marijuana education should be pursued by the authorities and later on become part of the educational system in order for children to become educated about it at their early age? Well, it may be too early to answer these questions, so head on below for more information before finally deciding about whether marijuana education is mature or still premature.

Colorado—Leading Educational Campaigns

Did you know that the State of Colorado is launching an educational campaign for both tourists and residents about the responsible use of pot?  And yes, they will be launching a campaign worth $5.7M and will be using newspapers, radio programs and the Internet after the sales of marijuana began last year in the Rocky Mountain State.

According to Dr. Larry Wolk, the states medical officer and director, the educational campaign is not about alienating or averting anyone, but instead is a friendly approach to educating them about marijuana use and responsibility.  By far, this campaign seems to be the first statewide campaign or effort done for educating the consumers on the use and the regulations following legalization.  Most of the funds, noted by sources, are coming from the taxes paid by the legal marijuana operators in the state. Lastly, the campaign is done in cooperation with merchants and activists.

What Could Be In It for Educating The People About Marijuana?

Through public education, people could become more aware of good ethics and measures on using it. Some of them are as follows,

  • They will become more aware of their settings and know if it is right to smoke weed there or not.
  • They will be able to know what the effects and the limits of using weed.
  • They will be responsible to know that getting too high on it is not an excuse for school or for work. In fact, they may be able to recognize how such could become rewarding if they would be able to smoke after a successful job well done.
  • They will learn that using cannabis is not recommended before going to school or work, unless they are a patient of a certain disease as per their doctor’s advice.
  • They will be aware as to what drugs interact with cannabis and that is something they have to be informed about.
  • They will become sensitive of other people wherein they will not smoke in non-smoking areas.
  • They will learn that it will not be good operating a vehicle while under the influenced.

What is the bottom line of all these?  It’s simple to understand that by educating the public about cannabis, they will become more aware of their limits and social responsibilities. Eventually so, they will become more responsible of their action and behavior, under cannabis influence or not. Nevertheless, marijuana education may be for the betterment of the pothead society, merchants, activists and other individuals proposing or opposing it.