Given a choice, would you vote “yes” for weed?

Marijuana also known as “pot,” “grass,” “dope,” and medically-referred to Cannabis is in the midst of a heated debate pushing its legalization. Some states already allowed the use of the substance for medical purposes. Washington and Colorado are the only two US states that allow both medical and recreational of marijuana. In these states people can spot medical dispensaries almost everywhere and users can enjoy a joint in private clubs as well as in public festivals.

It may not be long for other US states to follow the footsteps of Washington and Colorado as pro-marijuana advocates for the legalization of the substance. Those who are in favor of its legalization argue that cannabis is not a harmful substance and is not a threat to the society once it is regulated.

Surprisingly, a large part of the group advocating for freedom in smoking weed is women. A growing number of women are not only using marijuana to unwind or to cure their ailments, but they are also participating in lobbying for cannabis laws. Therefore, one can conclude that there is clearly a demand there.

Marijuana for weight loss, anyone?

If there is one thing women are obsessed about, it is their weight. Some women really struggle in losing weight and many have tried various weight loss pills, but it is either nothing worked or can be harmful for their bodies.

Marijuana could be a popular product to people trying to trim down their waistlines since a new study published in The American Journal of Medicine stated that people who use marijuana are actually slimmer. Respondents have an average smaller circumference. Some people may perceive this information as a negative side effect of the drug, but isolated researches on the drug proved that marijuana use can increase appetite. The new research hypothesize that marijuana has an effect on body’s metabolism, although this still needs further investigation and verification.

Another research from University of Nebraska, the Harvard School of Public Health and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center found out that pot smokers tend to have smaller waists and higher levels of "good cholesterol" than non-pot smokers although the former tend to eat more.

Several books and articles were also written about the “stoner” diet, and although they all lack conclusive evidence how potheads managed to stay thin although they eat more than 600 calories a day, it is suspected that marijuana has effects on regulating the blood sugar and metabolic process in the body, which is good news for some people finding it hard to lose a few pounds.

Marijuana as Cure for Cancer

There are few formal studies about the medical effects of marijuana since the federal government lacks financial support and backing on such endeavors. However, if explored, marijuana will surely offers a new realm in medicine as there are studies claiming that cannabis can be used as treatment for various diseases, including cancer and other rare maladies.

Cheryl Shuman was once diagnosed with ovarian cancer and was given four to six months to live. She started using medical marijuana against her doctor’s orders. She is now in remission and is an active supporter of marijuana use. She is also marketing her own brand designed for women – Beverly Hills Cannabis Club.

Now, will you feel guilty puffing that joint or munching on those “pot” brownies?