Memorial Day and Marijuana for Veterans 


Memorial Day is a great time to reflect on those who have served in the American military. One of the challenges facing veterans right now is access to legal, medical cannabis to help treat qualifying conditions like pain and PTSD.


Last year, veterans celebrated Marijuana on Memorial Day (, which called attention to the fact that while veterans are always honored on this special holiday, they are often still denied access to the medicine they need for better health.

“Veterans are being over-medicated,” Mike Whiter, a Marine who is now outspoken in the cause for medical cannabis for veterans, told Freedom Leaf. “More than 22 veterans commit suicide every day, and pharmaceutical overdoses are a leading cause of death. Cannabis is a safe alternative to pharmaceutical treatment. In conjunction with therapy, marijuana can help a veteran regain control of his or her life.”


According to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (, cannabis use for PTSD among veterans is still seen as a “disorder” due to lack of studies on cannabis and post-traumatic stress, even though use is rising among veterans.


This Memorial Day, show you care about legal cannabis for veterans by supporting your local dispensaries and veteran groups, and planning to vote in favor of veteran's rights.