Have you heard of the link between mental focus and marijuana use? Well, this may sound surprising but recent studies have proven that pot has its benefits for the brain. If you want to know more, keep on reading and see what research has revealed about it.


What Is The Truth About Marijuana and IQ?

According to a journal published in the Canadian Medical Association, pot smoking does not lower someone’s IQ. The study tried to figure out if there was a relationship between lower IQ levels and pot smoking, although the results were ignored by the US media, in which you are more likely than not bumped into headlines, such a “Smoking Pot Makes the Pothead Dopes.”

How was the study done? The team, led by Dr Paul Fried at Carleton University, used a sample participated by young middle-class adults who were composed of non-smokers, light smokers and heavy smokers.  Light users were categorized as the people who only smoke at most five joint per week, while heavy users were those that averaged 33 in one week.  The experts took urine samples in order to confirm use or abstinence among the participants.  After a couple of days, they were all subjected to IQ tests, and guess what they found? The IQ tests were given between nine and 12 years of age, and then they subjected the crew to follow up IQ tests on the participants to see how the long-term use of marijuana might have affected their mental performance.


What Are The Results?

The study revealed surprising results in which the non-users have stayed with the same or a slight rise in IQ; the light pot users had at least five points in increase versus the non-tokers; and the heavy pot smokers had suffered from only about four points decrease in IQ level.  According to the same study, after such participants have abstained from week for three succeeding months have showed that the different in IQ levels disappeared.

Bottom line: The experts warn the public of the results and that everyone still has to be very cautious. In addition to that this study only showed that the moderate use of cannabis may help in increasing IQ levels while heavy use may result to a decrease. More so, it just showed that marijuana poses no harm to IQ scores even with long-term use.

Backing this up was another study led by Dr Constantine Lyketsos at the John Hopkins University (Baltimore) wherein they found and concluded similar results by using and analyzing the Mini-Mental State Examination results taken by 1,300 adults. Using such samples, in which they followed up after 11 ½ years, they discovered that IQ levels are not affected by smoking pot.

To sum it up, light use of cannabis may help in mental focus and eventually in increasing IQ among potheads. But of course, this alone should not be used as basis when deciphering whether to use weed to improve your mental focus. Nevertheless, check on state laws and consult your doctor about it.