Legalizing marijuana is the current roadblock that must be overcome to obtain freedom in marijuana use in the United States. Marijuana has always been a subject of a hot, public debate since the substance offers two sides of the coin. Just like in any debate, people are divided in their views about the substance as marijuana is constantly in the gray area. Those on the “pro” side argued that it is best to legalize marijuana because of its prevalence and demand.

Marijuana also offers various medical benefits. Marijuana, which is also colloquially referred to as “weed,” “pot,” “dope,” and “ganja,” is also used in various medical purposes. As a matter of fact, 18 states approved the use of marijuana for as a medicinal drug. A result of the survey stated that 70 percent of Americans are in favor of legalizing marijuana.

After legalizing marijuana, another hurdle that must be overcome is marketing the product. The cannabis currently a billion dollar business and as the market matures and all of the legal ramifications are set out, marijuana ads will be in plain view. According to marketing consultant Cheryl Shuman, the advertising and branding of the sector is already 100 percent ready and in gear. The business industry is just waiting for the go signal from the lawmakers.

However, one of the biggest questions that must be answered in order to defend the legality of marijuana us is whether it has a target market. Apparently, marijuana developed a big market and, surely, there is a demand for the product. Currently, as the substance is treated as illegal in some states, it is only available in the black market as it is not regulated and can be purchased by anyone. However, one of the advantages of legalizing the cannabis industry is it will be under government regulations, including its advertising and marketing to the general public.

The following are only some of the different facets of marketing marijuana that should be addressed by lawmakers to ensure that the entry of marijuana into the mainstream market will be a breeze.

Appropriate Taxing Regulations

Although we know that marijuana is widely circulated in the market today, the product is being sold in the black market. This means that growers, suppliers, sellers and buyers do not pay taxes during the transaction. Once the cannabis industry becomes legalized, it has to be tax regulated. There is a big chance that once legislature is approved, marijuana will be regulated similar to tobacco and alcohol administering sin taxes. However, lawmakers should learn from its mistakes in the past from the two previous products taxing it too low.

Proper Target Marketing

It is of vital importance to know the particular age group that is targeted by marijuana. Will it be similar to cigarettes and alcohol geared towards adults with ages 21 and above? This is to ensure that users are responsible in using the substance. But there is a gray area for marijuana since it is also used for various medical purposes even for young children. Therefore, it is equally important to know how properly market the substance.

Rules for Growers and Sellers and Companies

There are views that producers of marijuana should not be sellers in order to avoid politically or financially motivated interests. In Washington, a US state that permits marijuana use, growers and sellers are separated. On the other hand, Colorado initially allowed producers to sell their products directly to people in order to move the legal market quickly. However, the state is considering altering its statutes.