There are all kinds of new advents in marijuana technology and industry due to the fast growth of this emerging and mostly untapped market, and one of the newest and most exciting is the development of phone apps and social media platforms for marijuana users. One of these recently developed apps that is making some serious waves is called Mass Roots, a new cannabis social media revolution.

That’s right - this isn’t for tracking down dispensaries, dating, or getting info on cannabis, like many of the existing websites or apps out there. This one is like Facebook, but instead of having “friends” on the site, you have “buds.” The site was co-founded by CEO Isaac Dietrich, who is only 22 years old.

Basically, the idea behind the app is that with the advent of legal marijuana, people are starting to share photos of themselves smoking cannabis, going to stores, and showing off their new merchandise on social media like Facebook and Instagram. The problem with this is that people are friends with parents, employers, or those who don’t smoke on these sites and therefore feel exposed when they make these photos public. When they post on Mass Roots, they are doing so semi-anonymously, and everyone looking at the pictures approves of and wants to see marijuana products and accessories.

So far, the app has over 275,000 users, and is available in all 23 states and the District of Columbia, where cannabis is either medical or recreationally legal. Interested users must prove their age and location in order to be able to join.

"Our goal is to hit a million users this year," Dietrich stated in an interview with Fox 10 TV. “And we feel if we can reach that threshold, we are going to be the dominant marijuana social player, and then everyone in the industry is going to want to advertise on our platform."

Deitrich, who has a high school education and moved to his current location of Colorado from Virginia, has had a fair amount of hurdles to overcome trying to make his venture legitimate. He has had to deal with Apple resisting the app being added to iTunes, spent all his own money getting the venture started up, and just got through with a struggle to make his company public. However, he remains optimistic.

"It's the same way that Facebook went public; it's the same way that twitter went public," Deitrich stated in the interview. "We're in an incredible position. Right at the convergence of marijuana, technology, scalable technology, social media. It's an awesome place to be." Deitrich stated he is hoping to become the “Mark Zuckerberg” of the cannabis social media world, referring to the famous barely-legal founder of Facebook.

The company has sixteen employees so far, and has already grown with leaps and bounds. Each of the employees was specifically picked for their talents and propensity for cannabis, and they all play an important role within the group.

"I was in the Marine Corps for five years and now I'm doing this, and I love them both in different aspects, but I'm living the green dream right now," Adam Buck, who serves as the content strategist for the Mass Roots, told Fox 10 TV.

"This was our plan, and it is our plan. There's no safety net, and we're just going for it," added the company’s co-founder,  Hyler Fortier, about the risks and rewards of the new industry.

So far, he has raised up to $1.5 million with the help of investors. Clearly this is the start of a new era, as social media and cannabis combine. To stay up on this, you can regularly check MarijuanaStockReport and WeedMedia for more details.